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Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 13, 2012
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GSW,Swansea, Oakland Raiders,Sharks
As respected Warriors player and board moderator NaturalDisaster pointed out during the week, today's rookies are simply too coddled and friendly with one another, there's no rivalry, no tough love, and one look at the front page sees countless rising star awards set out to make everyone a winner.

Thus I present to you the Bono award, named in honour of U2tigers, the man many perceive as responsible for the current epidemic of rookie circlejerking, which will be given to the rookie with the worst performance each week.

This week's Bono recipient is Bomber SammaGilberto who delivered a shocking performance with just 4 disposals whilst giving away 2 free kicks in 71% of game-time. If this wasn't bad enough, the Bombers actually outscored the opposition 26-0 whilst he was off the field in a game they lost by 4 points. One can only wonder what would've happened if he spent more time on the bench.

Screen Shot 2020-08-02 at 7.38.14 PM.png

Congrats Samma!

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Tonga Bob

Ricardo Montalbán Lookalike
Oct 26, 2013
The Green Green Wedge of Melbourne
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I ******* hate Rookies, why would I want them to circlejerk?

Lay the Blame on the Ruck crap on me, but not Rookie sh*t.

p.s. - it is kind of nice having an award named after me.
I blame the death of popular music on you.

Plus the ruck and rookie stuff, but mainly the music.

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