The Bulldogs and Umpires: Time for a Royal Commission?

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Premiership Player
Aug 13, 2018
AFL Club
I hooe Bulldogs fans write emails to the club about this.

As a Bulldogs fan for about 10 years, I'm embarrassed.

I'm going to name them:

Wallis. Macrae. Liberatore. McLean.

Seriously guys, WTF? You are good enough to win the pill on its merits - why stage this this every week?

You know what will happen soon? They'll get blacklisted like Papley.

And you know what, I hope they do. It's a disgrace.
Mitch Wallis is a dead set cheat.

Dogs won the free count 15 to 8 and some of them were clearly staged.

The one where Wallis kicked a goal was a disgrace

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