Club History The Carlton GOAT - NOW VOTING!

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Aug 27, 2014
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there are no other teams worthy
Doull and SOS were ranked #3 and #5 in the official Carlton rankings a few years ago, so we're not far off that. And it's even closer when you account for the fact that Nicholls and Jezza were handicapped by a limited number of BFers seeing those earlier eras.

A great showdown, two of the greatest defenders of all time.
I had them 3 and 4 in my original post in this thread before voting match ups began.

For what I have seen Jesaulenko is best seen of eras I seen on tv and games attended.

Next best is Wayne Johnston
Next best Bruce Doull
Next best Stephen Silvagni

Gets harder after this,,, Hunter, Greg Williams, Ashman, Judd, Kernahan and Bradley all got good claims for next...
As a result, I vote Doull in this match up.

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