The club thinks we are all mugs.

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Jan 23, 2014
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Port Adelaide
Yeah, I'm obviously not well-schooled in Port history, but didn't we used to thrive on the "everyone who isn't us hates us" vibe? Seemed to work ok in the past.
Exactly what it was. Felt so good. Now people just laugh at us. Take a legend into the club rooms have him school them on the history tell them what it was like. I want people to hate my club again

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Nov 23, 2018
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
We are no longer the club’s target market.

The AFL gave the finger to Tasmania and every current club to bring in a side in Western ****ing Sydney while raiding the absolute sh*t out of the draft.

Our administration goes to China (I see the benefits I promise), has our players shilling for Oak Plus at every opportunity, and puts the heartland of the club. The dyed in the wool supporters, dead last.

We have a debt after all, so the only choice the empty suits see is to “grow the pie”. Convince the customers everything is well, change our motto to something more marketable and spend the last off-season spitting in our faces.

I think the trades were great, and I can see why they went with co-captains, but they never even tried to get the supporters on board with these decisions with the real justifications. They simply told us that they know better, to refrain from criticism and trust in the process as all loyal customers should.

They don’t care what we want, they don’t even know what Port Adelaide really is. They are parasites who will drain the club and it’s supporters of all pride and tradition.


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Oct 5, 2006
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Port Adelaide
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My response, to the survey, when asked why I feel more negative:

I strongly believe that the Board have lost all connection with the members. They do not listen, do not consider our views, and proceed arrogantly, dismissing supporters. We have a terrible coach who threatened to leave the club and then received an undeserved contract extension. The Board trashed the tradition of one captain, wearing the number 1 guernsey and refuses to fight for our club to wear the ONE guernsey that would unite us all- the Prison Bars. We have a Chairman that constantly refers to us as "the little suburban club from Alberton" when we are the most successful football side in the country. We have Board members with conflicts of interest, not acting in the best interests of the club. Our on-field performance, considering our list talent, is terrible. In the end, though, I feel negative because, for a long time, this club has stopped being Port Adelaide and is instead trying to be like everything else. We are Port Adelaide. How about we start being Port Adelaide?


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Mar 22, 2013
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Port Adelaide
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Hahah this is what I wrote, I just rushed it and didn’t even check the grammar and spelling for mistakes but they should get the point regardless if they even bother to read these things

“Because the team and coaches don’t have their eye on the prize, they seem to be preoccupied with other things regardless of their huge pay.

Also this current administration seems to not care about tradition which has been shown by their decision to throw out the No 1 captaincy in exchange for co captains which has shown so far to be completely pointless and then there’s the Prison bar push which has shown great promise with alot of Port Adelaide fans showing their support and where has the club been through all of this? Hiding in the shadows like cow’ ards, why aren’t the administration defending this clubs right to wear a proud guernsey steeped in history and tradition?

In fact why aren’t the administration defending sport at all? Every week we see the same bad umpiring being handed to us by the officials , it’s obvious the umps hate Port and make it their goal to screw us over wherever it’s possible, it’s been happening for years and not once has anyone come out from Port to call it out, the way I see it the people running our Club don’t really care about it they’re just there to make their living and make Port a club that’s just there, nothing more nothing less, middle of the road, just enough is good enough, the types of people that ran Every SANFL club bar Port through the 80’s and 90’s gutless with no foresight and plain losers, loser mentality breeds loss

we need winners at our club people who see winning as everything, people who’d dedicate their lives to the cause and won’t stop until they achieve the top success, people with ambition and pride, people that really care Brisbane had it in the early 00’s, the cats had it in the late 00’s, Hawthorn had it in the early 10’s and still have it till today, Port had it but I don’t see that at PortAdelaide anymore”
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Sep 20, 2007
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Port Adelaide
How ironic that they released this survey this week. Members are more pissed if this week as 25000 of us got drenched to buggery and witnessed putrid football to boot.
This is what they would call a pulse check and timing of its release isn't coincidental in my view. Often they are used in the corporate world to judge employees views on the culture and direction of the business. Usually at times of change to gauge the impact. They will be reviewing alongside last year and reading the tea leaves. They would know what they are likely to get back but it will deliver comparative quantitative data to analyse and present to the board.

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