The club thinks we are all mugs.

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Byrons Firen

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Dec 4, 2013
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the maggies
Where selling tickets on scoopon.

We are f’ed.
Serious?...... gulp.
Happy 150th next yr everybody.

I've got no idea what is going thru' the collective minds of our KKK but even they must be wondering wtf have we done.
Ken, yes Keith, I want you to look at these figures. Oh right ahhh....errr.... what do they tell us?
They tell us we're f**ked. Don't look at me Keith I haven't done anything.
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It Just Is

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Jun 25, 2012
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Can suck it!
Finally received my survey link on Wednesday and filled it in just now. All a continuation on a theme from last year for me. Win bloody premierships. And if we need to do other stuff to support that ultimate goal then pick the right things.

Want to redevelop Alberton? Why didn’t we have the vision of most volunteer run amateur clubs and back AFLW 3 years ago. Too little too late now.

Want to broaden revenue streams? China is cool but lock in a joint major sponsor first.


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Jun 7, 2015
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Just reread the from the CEO on the previous page.
Am I interpreting this correctly, i.e. that this club's focus is on quantity over quality?

You know what, I can understand the AFL thinking that, all they care about is records and KPI's, but I was hoping the PAFC was better than that.
Can we please go back to quality over quantity?

I guess when its Port people rather than the AFL running the club we can seriously consider that.

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Nov 16, 2004
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The Mighty Blacks
The Burger King I yesterday saw how many threads you have started and today found something that I thought could go in your Disconnect fuelling discontent thread, but its been locked. It fits in here and what you are thinking about the club the last couple of weeks as you have started several of these threads with a similar theme.

Was looking for an old post of mine re Ice Hockey and came across something I posted with this video, which was made on 12 July 2012, a few days later, in a thread called - I don't care who goes anymore - when we had reached the height of our shitiness in the 2011-12 period. Primus got sacked 3 weeks later.

The background behind why this fan made this video is in the post linked below and a bit more in my last post on that page. As I said back in 2012 - it made me think of Port and if I changed the names it might fit, and ..... This fan has had enough and I'm starting to feel the same way about Port. Reckon you have reached this point TBK.

You might get our graphics guru / video virtuoso Alyx to help you make something similar and send it to the club.



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Mar 22, 2013
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At the risk of going over old ground, there are jumper clashes in many major sporting competitions. Half the EPL wears blue or red. I don't hear many Liverpool fans confusing their team with man U, or Everton with Chelsea. I don't see why it's an issue, just because Eddie says it is.
Look closer to home for an example, both Sydney FC and Melbourne city wear sky blue coloured guernseys in the A league


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Sep 27, 2007
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Back in our dark days there was one committee member who played a pretty important role to the cheer squad who is a diehard Norwood supporter. In those days you'd be lucky enough to find enough people to fill the committee. I have no issues what SANFL clubs our members support as long as they are doing the right thing by the club.

At the end of the day if anyone thinks they can do a better job then join the cheer squad, and nominate for the position and pitch your case when the time comes. These are voluntary positions after all, so these people are choosing to dedicate their time to try and improve the club during not only game days but off the field too. Whether it be raising money for the club at family days, or trying to get as many people involved as possible during, before and after the games.
I salute older folks who grew up SANFL, and younger folks who simply adopted their “local” SANFL club as part of their identity... and who *also* chose Port Adelaide as part of their identity over a totally artificial franchise... “because real club”.

Our club’s “community” is changing, it always has been, but no matter who they were, in whatever era, winning premierships is the best way to “make them proud”. And we’ve never been stubborn idiots either. Tough *and* smart is the Port way. K3 ought to filter their bloody actions and comments accordingly or GTFO. Ken and Kochie particularly. I’ve still got some small faith in Keith that he’s forcibly constrained to spin some of the bizarre decision making around him over the last few years.

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Sep 18, 2017
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That is factually incorrect in more ways then one, actually the whole premise is of what has been discussed on here about a particular person is wrong. The person never wore a North Adelaide guernsey to the Geelong game, and for that to even get around shows that gossip is quickly masquerading as fact which is standard for a online forum, or this whole conversation is serving a agenda for someone or something else entirely.

Having read this thread this morning and had a interest in it as I know the person being spoken of quite well, who is a good bloke and friend, and a passionate Port Adelaide and North Adelaide fan ,and I will go to bat for them in this instance.

They support the fans prison bar campaign, and the club. Does it really matter that they are a North Adelaide fan in the SANFL? Each to their own in that regard, the fact they are the VP in the cheer squad is a non factor also. But some of what has been posted here is utter bulls**t. And rather then source the fact, or think about the person in question, some are quick to spread utter nonsense, what it serves I don't know, nor do I hold a interest in.

I'll happily cop the crap for defending a mate, but I won't sit by and read absolute nonsense get pushed out without it being checked as fact.
Serious question. I just want to test my own bias here: does this cheer squad member still have most of his teeth?

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