The Cut the Teams/Too Many Teams in Victoria thread

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Liam Boy

Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 12, 2008
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Completely ignoring sentimentalities and a lot of logic, in an alternative universe I would like to see a mega merger of Melbourne, North and the Western Bulldogs.

The colours would be red, white and blue, and each team would get 100% of their current colour scheme included.

The guernsey would be a bit like a sideways Cuban flag without the star and more stripes. Melbourne would get to keep their red V yoke, North get to keep their blue and white stripes, and the Dogs keep all their colours.

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It might just be easiest calling them Northwestern Melbourne Football Club and letting a name come organically in the future.

Otherwise, the closest I could think of would be a Cerberus, a three-headed demondog. Two mascots would be represented, and they'd all be symbolically represented by the three heads. Perhaps put the training facilities at Arden Oval, or give the mascot a name like "Shinboner", to compensate them not being included in the mascot.

Obviously, there'd be a lot of collateral damage, but with 140k potential members coming across from the three clubs, it could be the biggest club in Australia.
As long as we could get fidel castro on board

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