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Feb 28, 2013
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Watching one of my favourite tv shows in Californication and thought this piece of dialogue from the great man Hank Moody would be very fitting for one of PJ's AGM speeches:

Yes we are f*****g f****d, but we’ve been f****d before. In the ass, legs pinned behind our ears, not a drop of lube - but we always come out smiling. You know why? Because that’s just the kind of happy-go-lucky sluts we are.

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Sellout Scully

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Jun 7, 2012
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Roos (Homer): Where is Lumumba anyway?
Jones (Skinner): Oh he's off with his new imagination, supposedly the 'Conceptually gifted Brazilian laughing prince'.

<Lumumba enters the room>

Lumumba: The Melbourne Demons are in danger of becoming outdated. I'm taking it to strange new places....

<plays audio>

Number 8.... (burp)
Number 8.... (burp)
Number 8.... (burp)



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Mar 19, 2001
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Hi Bigfooty Dees,

Firstly, this thread is awesome!

My name’s Yianni. I’m a Roos supporter, I’ve been here on Bigfooty since 2001 and I’m also a professional stand up comedian. With Comedy Festival coming up, I asked the mods if I could let you guys know about a show I'm doing that may be of interest to those of you who frequent this thread.

A hilarious and cromulent look at a lifetime spent quoting, referencing and learning from The Simpsons. Can an obsessive knowledge of the world's longest running cartoon embiggen one's understanding or is that unpossible?

Contains impersonations, stories, jokes and videos about one of the best TV shows of all time.

It sold out in Perth and got a lovely 4* review ("a must see for all fans of the four fingered family")

Here's a one minute clip from when I did the show in Perth

If anyone’s interested, there are a few other Simpsosn clips on my Youtube page (I do a thing called 'Simpsons News Network' where I analyse current affairs using Simpsons clips, kind of like what you guys do in this thread)

It's on at 7:45pm from April 5th-17th (not 11th) Tickets are $22 and can be booked HERE.

Alternatively, all Tuesday or group (4 or more people) tickets are $18 so if a few of you want to come you could save a bit. It’s always fun to meet some people from BF in real life too!

Thanks for your time and thanks to the mods for indulging me. Best of luck to the Dees this year (except against North!) and if I don’t see you at Comedy Festival, have a great 2016 AFL season.

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Nov 11, 2013
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Tottenham Hotspur

Go ahead and take a seat.... why don't you have a seat...

Yes please have a seat, there is one here just for you. What? Ohhhh, you mean those attachments and the Superglue. Don’t worry about that, everything is ok. The last person to sit here was Neeldy, he loved it.

Allow me to introduce you to our Den Master. Call him Sady if you like. When introduced in a formal sense he is announced as the Marquis de Sade.

Yes, you will be made to sit on that chair for the next 24 hours and watch today’s game, no you won’t be able to close your eyes and sleep, what do you think the Superglue is for, you ******g campaigner.

Do the right thing FFS, retire, you are a joke.

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