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Nov 22, 2015
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Thread deserves a bump after our solid win against the Swans without:

- Weitering, Marchbank, Docherty and Williamson in defence

- Charlie, McGovern and Cuningham up forward, and

- Stocker on the bench.

And competitive last few weeks with Cripps, McKay and Jones (yes Jones was back last week) out.

Goddard didn’t see much game time, Lang might just need a little more continuity - his 1% to get the ball out to Dow in the last quarter was great play, Kennedy has chipped in, Casboult is certainly doing his bit ...

and probably Jack and Setterfield establishing themselves in the 22

Exciting times.

I see a lot of intense debate in the next chapter of our Consensus 22.

Soapy V

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Sep 17, 2015
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Won’t take much. Look at our side and who’s missing this week. Then a few names like Owies BSOS Schumacher Macreadie start to really improve. Add another 6-8 of which 2-4 are best 22 types and we are in a great spot 👍

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Jun 15, 2017
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Amazing how things change in 7 weeks. 7 weeks ago, I’d have thought we were as shallow as a puddle... but here we are!

It’s interesting because I don’t think we’ve fielded our 100% A-grade side since DT took over but we’re looking great.

Come next year, the selection table is going to have a headache picking the best 22 when we have so many guys knocking down the door for selection. TDK, Owies, Goddard... Even the guys who’ve been playing the past few weeks in the seniors - Lang, Kennedy, Deluca...

Not only that, but versatility across positions. Look at how SPS, Cas, Setters, Kennedy have settled in to position changes. Not only do we have personnel depth, but cross-sectional positional depth too.

This is a team with some serious wheels about it now.

Add in a Papley and other trade(s)...

Now I’m getting a headache...

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