Analysis The D Word

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Aug 29, 2013
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Coburg VFL
This is the thread that just keeps on keeping on.

As long as people keep coming back to the thread to post their dismay at its very existence it will never
cease to exist.

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Oct 11, 2009
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Think by the 2nd half of next year, we could have some serious talent running around in the magoos
About ******* time, been holding us back for years.

Need to have some sort of structure in place to help transition players into the senior side so they feel right at home and ready to play from their first match. Of course this will spell the end for our ‘three ruckman’ experiment.


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Nov 22, 2015
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We barely had any midfielders in the Northern Blues in 2019, and even less so when Kennedy came up into the Senior 22. Rarely played Polson in VFL midfield.

So makes sense to target young midfielders who can play and develop in our VFL midfield and hopefully are ready to step up if we have an injury and when Murphy and Ed are done. With Newnes and Martin, one or two players get squeezed out and back into VFL.

And all of Kemp, Philp and Ramsay have pace.

And one less ruck (Lobbe and Phillips out, Pittonet in) should result in better balance in our VFL team so hopefully gives TDK a better opportunity to develop his ruck/forward craft.

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Aug 27, 2014
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there are no other teams worthy
Some posters have been ringing the changes - White out, Byrne in, Buckley out, Daisy in.

How will we know when we have enough depth? Or do you ever reach that stage of being able to cover your losses? It does feel good to have options (thanks largely to a shortish injury list) when you consider at times in the recent past we had something like 25 players to choose a team from.
Underwhelming discovery... Thought the OP would have more depth....

Depth is when you got Ashman, Buckley, Sheldon, Keogh, Wells, Armstrong, Catoggio, Marcou and a zillion other mosquito fleet types to pick from for midfield and small forward roles and you push the amazing Catoggio out and let Greg Williams be cleared to Cats as you cannot fit them all in the one team.
Are we there yet ?
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