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All Australian
Jul 5, 2011
AFL Club
Depth - - well based on my Best 22 (below) this would be my Best 22 Magoos team - so have we got Depth?

I would say in 12 months time we may have some more depth (current depth marked in blue). We seem okay in the backline but the midfield looks very young and just potential at present, and the forward line is still a bit weak (lots of mids who might be able to play forward but I wouldn't call it depth)

Magoos Best 22 team (expect the guys in blue will probably play a fair bit in Ones):
Plowman BenSOS Goddard
Simpson Marchbank Macreadie
Cottrell Newnes O'Brien
Lang Kennedy Kemp
Poulson. TDK Owies

Pittonet Dow Fischer

IC: Philps (M/F) Finbar O'Dwyer (?) Josh Honey (F/M) Fraser Phillips (F/M) Sam Ramsay(F?)
Am I missing someone?

Best 22 team:
Newman Jones Williamson
SPS Weitering Docherty
Walsh Crippa Martin
J Silvagni C Curnow Cuningham
McGovern McKay Betts

Kruezer Setterfield Murphy

IC: Stocker E Curnow Gibbons Casboult
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Premiership Player
Nov 22, 2015
AFL Club
Voting for 7 backs in Consensus 22 and some handy Depth is missing out ...

Willa, Newman and Stocker.

Thread is relevant.

And I have Gibbons, Kennedy, Casboult and JSOS as depth after the 7 forwards in the Consensus 22:

For the forward line I went with ...

HF. Martin. Charlie. Cuningham.
FF. Betts. McKay. McGovern.
I. Fisher.

And missing out aka Depth I have JSOS, Gibbons, Kennedy and Casboult.

Casboult is first in if McKay or Charlie is not playing.


Premiership Player
Nov 22, 2015
AFL Club
So after voting for Consensus 22 midfield ...

I opted for ...

Ed Curnow

and then


Consensus to now with around 110 votes in has ... Fisher in a comfortable sixth spot (1st midfield bench rotation) and Newnes seventh (2nd midfield bench rotation) shading out Gibbons, with Dow and O’Brien further back, and Stocker the one other in double figures.
Our Northern Blues will have ‘Best 22 capable depth’ ...
D. Newman. Williamson.
M. Gibbons. Dow. Stocker. and (one of Fisher, O’Brien or Newnes)
F. Kennedy. Casboult.

Ruck depth in TDK and Pittonet (Casboult if required)

Experienced depth in Lang

And a bunch of developing players ...

D. Macreadie. BSOS. Goddard.
M. Philp. Ramsay. Kemp (after injury). Phillips. Cottrell.
F. Finbar. Honey. Polson. Owies.

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