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May 22, 2011
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how does our depth compare if list numbers are reduced?

In the short term, I don't think it makes much difference.

Teams will cull rookies, project players and injury cursed players. Most of the guys that aren't really playing much seniors anyway.

For us, Gibbons is the only one that is getting regular game time.

In the long run, smaller lists would hurt the older lists, that can't carry enough kids to replace the old guard.

A lot of our best 22 is quite young, so in theory we are less at risk by losing development player spots.

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Nov 13, 2015
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Unfortunately, this thread is now very relevant

Competitive/winning against some very good sides

In the wings:

Fish, Dow, LOB, Marchbank, Newman, Charlie, Jack, Macreadie, Honey, Kemp, Ramsay, Cottrell, TDK, Stocker, Lang, Philp, Polson, Phillips, Ben and the mighty Finbar


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Nov 22, 2015
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Interesting discussion coming I believe about how much of our depth is banging down the door to take a spot in the 22 and / or to be next in line when a senior player departs.

Some recent examples:

- Kennedy banging the door down and DT saying we couldn’t ignore him despite some team balance concerns. I think he was great against Dogs and poor against Port.

- Pittonet in for Kreuzer injured is positive and is absolutely a value trade win for us. That said, I believe TDK in a couple of years will be challenging either Pittonet or will be ready to take Casboult’s position.

- Williamson in for Newman injured is positive.

- Martin and Betts into the 22 is positive.

- Setters and Cuningham I think are in our best 22 and that is positive.

- Emergencies / Interchanges / Next in line - so we are not rushing players back into the 22 as quickly perhaps we might have done. Now is it a stronger 22 and support cast or a change in player management philosophy, or both? I think JSOS and Fisher are probably our 2 next in line, and our 22 probably needs Dow when fit and finding the ball ... and there are injuries / team balance to address ... so this week the Emergencies are Cottrell, Moore, Philp and Honey ...

And so the next bit, 2 questions for debate and discussion:

1. Who is close to retirement/ delisting and who replaces them?

- Think Simpson, Murphy, Kreuzer, Ed, Casboult, Jones ...

2. And who is say in our bottom 6, and is our depth ready to replace them and go better?

- If not injury, who does say JSOS, Fisher and Dow come in for? And Kemp next year?

- Where do we see Marchbank, Macreadie, O’Brien, Stocker, TDK and others?

- Who is trade bait? (What gets Papley to us? Who do we want as our ‘second midfielder’ after Cripps?)

Thread is thread is relevant. thylacine60 Arr0w

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Oct 11, 2009
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This thread :rolleyes:


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