Unsolved The Disappearance of Felicity Loveday & Son Adrian Meneveau - Sinister theories abound

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Dec 27, 2016
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Western Bulldogs
Felicity Loveday, 83 and her 56-year-old son Adrian Meneveau were last seen at 7am on December 11, 2019 as they set off Olivers Hill Boat Ramp in Frankston.

The pair were reportedly setting off on a three-day journey to try and get rid of “evil spirits” they believed they had woken. Their boat was found days later with no sign of the two, in the picture it's clear they're wearing their lifejackets.

To make this even weirder, a photo taken of the mother and son the morning they disappeared has reportedly sparked a sinister theory in the ongoing investigation.

Victoria Police Marine Investigation Unit Senior Constable, Chris Obst has made a statement investigators have considered that Ms Loveday may have been already dead when the photo was taken.

“There are many aspects to this investigation that appear suspicious and strange,’’ Sen-Constable Obst said.

“We just can’t rule anything out at this stage.”



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Feb 23, 2019
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I read this the other day. It’s truly bizarre. She certainly looks like she could be dead. Apparently her daughter took the photo. You’d think she’d know if she was as dead. Very strange.
Exactly what i thought! There is no way the daughter would not have know if her mum was dead!! The daughter has since refuted claims her mother was dead saying “She has dementia, and had spent a lot of time indoors, so she generally looked pale, and was mostly napping.” Like the Police said this is not the sort of boat suited to a three day trip, where would you sleep? especially hard for a lady of 83 years of age. Apparently the son had bought another boat recently which they are unable to find.
'It is understood the purpose of the trip was to perform a “cleansing ritual” after they believed Ms Loveday had “woken black magic” during meditation.
It has since been revealed that Ms Loveday was a former “worshipful master” for the Co-Freemansonry, a group which is linked to the secretive fraternal Freemasons society. '

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Oct 22, 2021
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Brisbane Lions
Report in the links says that searches for
"Burial at sea" were found on the son's laptop ...

Not good ....

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