The Donny Pyke Farewell Tour

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Jun 7, 2011
Port MacDonnell yay!!!
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It was something along the lines of "as you know, I'm from a generation of realists". I can't remember the exact context. I think he was mostly just talking about our form and how it's being perceived internally. It just stuck out to me when I was listening to him. Do boomers really see themselves as generation of realists? That's a scary thought.
Pyke’s not a boomer though.

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Apr 20, 2009
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Sack this bum
I’ve done a total 180 on Pyke over the past 2 weeks, gone from thinking it was those bell ends around him to blame to thinking he is just as woeful. His performances in the media from his Triple M interview last week, which was the worst ever conducted by a senior coach to his last two press conference shitshows it’s become glaringly obvious he’s just become intolerable.


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Jun 13, 2005
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I can't even look at his face at the moment without wanting to throw something through my computer screen.
He is infuriating. He said he was happy with the way we fought it out and with nothing to play for we showed some spirit.

Listen up Don you idiot. When the Bulldogs needed to win to make finals, we were down 40-0.

We “rallied” because they were safe and stopped caring. You are DELUDED DON you absolute imbecile. Hate him so much.

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