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St Kilda Death

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Sep 18, 2013
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St Kilda
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Purebred Amstaff: $2000
Knee reco $4000
2nd knee reco $4000



I guess it’s not that expensive since he doubles as a home security/cctv setup.

I don’t even lock my doors.

Condolence Barrels.


Mar 19, 2008
Narre Warren North
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Sitting in the lounge room one night pretty late, I hear a kind of scuffling noise outside, its not windy so its a bit odd. Next thing Lexi is sort of just doing little "wuff" noises. I go to the front door and she just bolts out , I can't see anything, bushes in the way, but she starts barking her head off near where my daughters partner parks his car, then i hear footsteps running and a car starting. By the time i get in a spot to see what's happening a Commodore with 2 people in it are driving off.
Its the high side of the road , and the driveway goes up and then across the front, so its kind of a steep slope up from the road.

Yes good girl, much better than the time you ran out and terrorised the blue tongue lizard or the neighbours cat.



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Nov 15, 2000
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St Kilda
First of sll Smokey is an indoor cat.

It's the middle of the night, Smokey (my mums cat) starts scratching and meowing at the back porch wanting to get outside. I wake up turn on all the lights and see Smokey staring at a possum. I let him outside (I hate possums). Possum has disappeared, and Smokey just meows at me for the rest of the night. Com

He's probably complaining to me.

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Aug 26, 2018
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St Kilda
I know this is hard to think of but I'll honestly say every dog I've had has been better than the last. I'm up to number six over 40 years (couple of double ups). I say that only because every mate (lady) I've had has taught me something so that my relationship with the next has been enhanced. Nothing other than them training me. Gosh I love them all.

I'll tell a little story so please if tldr...

I moved to the country and met a bloke that has a kelpie mob that he does sheep dipping with. He had a special mate that got hit by a car last year. Tough country bloke built like a shed. As absolutely devastated as any one of us. Wife and I ran into him today at the cafe and he's got a pup. That kelpie boy will win a million hearts but that pup is lucky too as I know he's won the lottery with my mate. Man and Woman's best friend!

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