The fabled Freo March to the MCG and Parade.

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Silent Alarm

sack Lyon
Jul 9, 2010
AFL Club
Sometimes after a few beers I think of this day. That year was the best of my life and that month condensed it all. Absolute example of being young, skinny, pretty, and happy. Freo made me proud to support them at that time of my life. I remember we lost, I was pretty angry, but I had this sense of 'we're a young list, our coach is good... Pav's even in prime form!'

There's a lesson in life there somewhere.

I'll probably never get to a Grand Final again but I guess living a 20 minute walk away from that one and getting tickets for 150 bucks is the right way to do it.


Feb 21, 2014
AFL Club
Thanks for sharing. I remember listening to the Freo chant at 2am in the Melbourne CBD. It was the best year having my first child and being in the right place at the right time to attend the GF. I really hope we can experience that again soon.


Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 26, 2011
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We be back soon. Last Saturday was my first game I have been genuinly 100% excited about watching since that day in 13.. It was my birthday. I was working away, but had acquired the crib room for the game.
When I was told it was delayed, we had already lost, Walter's had head butted somebody & Hogan had broken a foot. A work mate ? A work campaigner maybe.

Then I was locked out of my room for 3 hours.

I digress. I am really excited about where we are at. 😂😂

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Premium Gold
Apr 25, 2011
AFL Club
Brereton on a bike riding to the G. Heckled, giving back as good as he got. He didn't expect the purple army to be so huge and he seemed pretty impressed, that helped to change our media image from "harmless" to "mostly harmless" methinks.


All Australian
Aug 13, 2014
AFL Club
I remember this fondly.
Coming up the escalator from the train station, I thought there may be 200-300 freo ppl ready for the march.

When I saw the sea of purple and heard the noise, my emotions got the better of me and I became a teary mess. Proud day to be a docker!


Premiership Player
Aug 20, 2014
AFL Club
I always get a little emotional thinking back to this and the what could have been. Naively i thought oh well we'll be back again soon.. Hopefully we are.

Has anyone else like me never watched the "highlights" ?

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I will never ever watch anything about the game itself. There is nothing to learn from it, maybe there is :'(.


Brownlow Medallist
Aug 20, 2010
AFL Club
Left my phone in a taxi on the way to the G.

I happened to be staying at the same hotel as the team. Players were all having a drink at the hotel bar before going out that night. Ross spent the whole time on the phone.

I think a game happened somewhere in between those events. Seems to be blocked from my memory though.

Tonga Bob

Ricardo Montalbán Lookalike
Oct 26, 2013
The Green Green Wedge of Melbourne
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GF 13 8.jpg


the biggest thing for me about that week was, after years of being the odd one out as an away fan living in Melbourne (there wasn't as much visible support for us in Melbourne then as there is now), that when you all came over from Perth it was like the reinforcements had arrived

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