Mega Thread The Father-Son Mega thread - 2019

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Nov 21, 2008
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I posted this thread because I am sick of the Buddy stay or go talk.

No club has had such a miserable run with father sons, you name them, it has ended in tears, the Tucks, Joey, Curran, Greene, Doug Scott, even recall one of the Crimminss boys was likely for a while and whatever happened to Plattens son I recall reading about a couple of years ago??

Only Paul Hudson had a good career but even he was shown the door after only 134 games!!!.

Langford yet to play a game but fingers crossed.

I reckon the next decade will be a massive turning point, boys a plenty from the Crawfords, Hodges and Mitchells, come 2020 they hopefully will start coming through the system and a new era of glorious father son dynasties will once again dominate at the club.

Does anyone else know of 100 + game players players from the 90's onwards who have had boys that may be a show one day? Vanders, Lekkas, harford, Thompson, the Dears, Lawrence, Condon, Pritchard, Morrisey? Anyone else I may have missed

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Roger Rogerson

Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 9, 2006
Malvern East
AFL Club
Paul Dear has one who is not too far away from draft age I think.

Platts' boy was overlooked at the draft last year.

Langers looks very handy - let's hope he is the start of the wheel turning...

Matt Stevic

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Oct 29, 2012
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Parramatta Eels, Arsenal, The Exers
Well we've got Langers at the moment, and Harry Dear (son of Paul) coming through soon enough. Yes I'm disappointed about all the boys with Hawk surnames running around at other clubs, but I just can't wait for the sons of the 90s Hawks (the ones I grew up with) to come through!


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May 11, 2008
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Mitchell is a bit of a rare talent in that he's not physically gifted in the sense that he's not tall, fast or overly strong. His assets come in the form of sublime skill on both sides of the body, lighting quick reaction speeds, inspired decision making under pressure and overall game sense gained through 100% commitment and professionalism to becoming the best he can be. Not saying his son can't be like that but I'm not sure if it's the kind of thing that is passed on genetically. No doubt the kid will be brought up in the best possible environment with the best possible mentor if he did so decide to follow the path for an AFL career. :thumbsu:

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Ned Ryerson

Future Captain
Sep 23, 2012
Punxsutawney, PA
AFL Club
And don't forget Jed Anderson also had a baby boy about 3 weeks ago.

Spoke to Jed tonight , he is a top bloke and down to earth, he is looking forward to his missus coming down to Melbourne in the next couple of weeks.
That makes me happy, both for Jed and as a selfish Hawks fan. When I saw that interview he did after getting the Rising Star nom he was talking about his kid being back in Darwin I was worried that homesickness might (understandably) get the better of him. Good to see the Hawks getting around his young family (assume the club is helping out there). That kid is something special.


Brownlow Medallist
Jan 17, 2008
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Don't you think predicting the football success of infants is extending a little too far? Fair enough if you are looking at a 15 yr old but even then it is hard to predict who will make it and who won't.


Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 29, 2003
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It is possible that the father and son rule could be scrapped by the time some of our current players children are draft age.


(cue dreamy harp music)

News just in ...

The AFL has decided to amend the father and son rule ... any underage player who has a father who played over 44 games of AFL football is now considered the property of the AFL.

Under these new guidelines , the AFL have created a separate draft called the father & son draft.

Picks are as follows...

1. Sydney
2. Sydney
3. GWS
4. GWS
5. GWS
6. Sydney
7. Brisbane
8. Gold Coast
9. Gold Coast
10. Sydney

:rolleyes: - "it's called equalization baby"


Premium Platinum
Oct 2, 2005
AFL Club
Richard Loveridge has twin boys who are talented footballers, but, unfortunately, equally talented at cricket. They'll have a choice to make. I think they're around 14 (ish).
The way things are going, CA will implode before they have to make a choice - Hmmmm, do I risk spending years in an Indian jail for match fixing, or take the $$$ on offer at Waverly?


All Australian
Oct 24, 2010
AFL Club
We haven't had much luck with the sons of star players - Tuck, Kennedy, Scott, Greene (hopefully langford can revert this trend).

Maybe we'll have better luck with players in the next bracket down - Loveridge, Maginness, Dear.

Geelong have been very licky with Ablett, Scarlett and Hawkins - three A graders.

Essendon have done well as well - Fletcher, Watson and now Daniher who based on early assessment expected to be very good.

By the way on a related topic, was Campbell Brown a father-son prospect who Richmond chose not to take? (like Curran for us).

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