Play Nice The Final Quarter/Australian Dream

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Sep 5, 2016
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Mar 15, 2010
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is Australian Dream a separate doco to The Final Quarter?

The Final Quarter was a non-narrated doco. Just taking snippets of media and footage at the time & whacking it all together... very very powerful.

The Australian Dream is a more traditional doco format. Interviewing the majority of participants in the Final Qtr (& others) to get thier thoughts/perspectives.

I'd recommend TFQ first then TAD after it if you are going to watch them mate.


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Aug 16, 2006
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Just finished watching The Final Quarter. It got me pretty upset reliving those years of continuous racial abuse of Goodes. I was saddened by the shame of casual racism in my own country, one where many still refuse to acknowledge the crimes of our ancestors, the embarrassment of complete and utter toss pots like Newman, Jones, Bolt and Devine who provided a disingenuous defence of the racists and tried to blame Adam, the incredible indifference of the AFL, guys like Buckley and too many other clubs and finally the plain stupidity of Eddie McGuire. There were plenty of positives in journalists like Caroline Wilson and others who stood for decency, the ordinary Australians who called out racism and defended Goodes, the heart-warming response of our incredible club who made me feel so privileged to be a supporter , but most of all the grace of the man himself who stood tall at the centre of the storm and implored us to finally embrace the original Australians and their 40000 yr old culture. A very moving doco and a conversation we need to keep having.


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Apr 26, 2016
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Watched the Australian Dream film. There is something very cerebral about how Goodsey conducted himself during that whole saga. Class and composure and eloquence from an indigenous man as opposed to the toy-throwing of parts of white Australia that kind of proved his point about how far Australia still has to go with ending racism.

Also glad that that neanderthal Newman is no longer on TV. Now that dumb prick Bolt please

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Nool Carpenna

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Jul 9, 2014
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Not one for watching TV but stumbled across the Colin Kaepernick story last night (The Price of Protest, SBS On Demand)... definitely not downplaying the disgusting treatment of our great man, but the human race is many generations away from any significant progress on this issue.
Anybody else watched it?
Interesting aside after spotting Australia’s own Peter Norman on the dais at the ‘68 Olympics with Tommie Smith and John Carlos... and the contrast between his treatment here and in the States afterwards. Gotta wonder if the US Olympic committee would be so supportive and reverential to Peter under the current regime?
Wiki has an adequate summary for anybody interested... including the posthumous apology passed in parliament in 2012.

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