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The Footy Boots Thread

Discussion in 'Skills, Coaching, Admin, Umpires' started by TN25, Feb 10, 2015.

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    Some interesting arguments for and against the Asics raised heel in this thread. I have no doubt they consulted with physiotherapists, biomechanists, podiatrists etc when designing the feature. Would be curious to know if any of the people speaking out against it here hold similar qualifications? Not having a dig, genuinely curious.

    And for whats its worth, I kept count as the Eagles players received their medals (yes, I'm a massive boot nerd) and 10/22 players had Asics on. Can't be that bad if half an AFL team prefers them?

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  2. GEEitLONG

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    Feb 18
    High heels on footy boots are probably the recent result of good science, but historically bad shoe design by the same people for many years.

    Its only natural that if you have shoes with raised heels on all your waking and walking hours, during your school years, weekend sports, of your life, that your calf muscle will naturally shorten. Humans learned long ago that the body is 'plastic.' Heads were wrapped to make skulls longer, feet were wrapped to make them smaller, muscles stretched to make them more flexible, and indeed, heels put on shoes that have shorted calf muscles.

    Shoe companies know this. That's why Asics are putting extreme heels on their footy boots. Obviously to compensate for players shortened calf muscles and lessen injury.

    So why don't they just sell full range of shoes with linear (zero) gradient to eliminate this problem for all their cusomers through life? Because they loose a major marketing tool (gel heels, and all that other advertising crap they put on heels) and would basically admit their designs have been the cause of so many hamstring injuries (something has to give) and calf injuries in later careers (old mans injury) and quite possibly ACL etc knee injuries also.

    It isn't natural for humans to run 'heel - toe'. Shoes with heels make it possible. Go for a run barefoot and you will find you run naturally on the balls of your feet. And hard to run heel toe. The jarring hurts.

    IMO the remedy is to right now, begin wearing shoes with at least an even gradient on the sole. Start doing some running in zero gradient shoes or even barefoot shoes, and let your body begin to naturally lengthen your calf to its natural length. I don't know how long it would take. A year? More? In the meantime, while you are wearing zero gradient shoes daily, by all means wear the Asics high heel gradient boots for training and games.

    Wearing heels on our boots daily for all our awake hours is what's doing the damage by shortening our calves. During a game of footy or training when stretch is tested, is when shortened calves are exposed. But it is the longer hamstring that often goes before the short solid calf muscle does.
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    How do you run on the balls of your feet and still take your ankle through full dorsiflexion?
    If anything by allowing a heel strike, cushioned shoes encourage a greater ankle ROM during running gait
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