Society/Culture The footy season is dead.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 14, 2013
AFL Club
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Phil Ivey
Many players won't tolerate months in an interstate hub this time around.

Randall Stevens

Jul 7, 2017
AFL Club
I don't get this... Cricketers go away for months (overseas) every year on tours. Why are AFL players so fragile?
Cricketers know that tours are part of their sport if they are good enough to be selected at representative level, or if they choose to pursue overseas (or interstate in the case of BBL contracts). These events are planned months if not years in advance, and are for a pre-determoned period.
AFL players until 2020 would never have expected to be away from home for more than two consecutive nigts at the most. Now they are fearing that for the second year in a row they will be sent to parts unknown at very short notice for an unknown duration, having ended up being away from home last year for months longer than the maximum time they were originally promised.
It is a very different proposition to what cricketrs and other international sportspersons deal with.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 28, 2012
AFL Club
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QPR, Buffalo Bills, McLaren F1
Nobody knows what the hell is going on. The Feds certainly don't, what a load of bollocks that package was today. Melbourne is in lockdown for another 7 days as two cases of COVID-19 previously linked to Melbourne's growing outbreak have been reclassified as false positives! WTF is happening? Maybe the season needs a pause for a couple of weeks?


When you're in hell, keep going
Jul 5, 2011
AFL Club
If 8 turn into 80? 800?
At what point do we cease the endless lockdowns over an illness that 99.5% of people survive? It's a serious question, I'm not suggesting we do it right away, but at what point in the vaccination process do we just say fu** it, let her rip?

I think it's hard for non Victorians to understand what a gutful we've had of lockdowns. Many of us can't maintain consistent employment or pay the rent, something has to give eventually.


Dec 1, 1999
AFL Club
No they are not. Sh** the latest variants don’t even spread at a linear rate in our community any more such is the strength of our hygiene practises and standard social distancing.
Wait so you’re saying that at, say, 800 cases a day we’d still be fine because… well we’d never get to 800 cases a day!


Hall of Famer
Sep 15, 2007
I don't know
AFL Club
Thé Queensland premier tells people she is only getting the vaccine today cos she is going to the olympics.

for f*** sakes.

1) why did she get Pfizer instead of AstraZeneca? She is over 50.
2) why does she only think going to Tokyo in 3 weeks is a reason to get the vaccine. should I not get the vaccine since I’m not going overseas?
3) why the f** is she going to Tokyo during a pandemic when she is locking down state borders?
4) why did she choose to get the flu vaccine first over the Covid one? Covid is far more important to get vaccinated from isnt it? Plus thére is the fact she is going to Tokyo and the vaccine takes a few weeks to work. She will be getting the second vaccine on the day she leaves.

4) if she doesn’t spend two weeks in hotel quarantine when she gets back we need to have a revolution on the streets of Brisbane. She needs to go.

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