Resource The Gemba Report into NRL Expansion

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Jul 18, 2003
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The AFLW comes out of this very comprehensive report well!
The one thing it cannot predict is what post Covid really will look like for all the football codes in Australia but what it does show is that Soccer and Rugby Union are in a spiralling world of pain!


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Dec 14, 2015
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This was rather well balanced.
Yes, it seems to be but there are certain issues.

First of all, it's a survey and the value of a survey depends on the depth and the questions.
I don't get "passion". IMO there is only one passionate supporter and that is one who attends games.
Attendances don't line up with passion at all.

I had a quick flip through and i didn't see any references to the most important issue in sport - onfield performance.
On field performance magnifies all the background issues.
The Storm is solid because it is a perennial grand finalist.
The Dockers would be a lot larger with some silverware.
No where is onfield success more apparent than with the Lions.
Then we have the Suns and the Giants.

So what is the outcome of a 17 team competition with an extra Brisbane ?
Well it's a gamble - it's as simple as that.
A 17 team NRL remains at 8 weekly games - no revenue increase there and higher cost base.
A long season brings in the law of diminishing returns - more revenue at a lesser rate.
In the simplest of terms a successful new Brisbane side will produce a positive result
but if the new side languishes for any lengthy period then there will be a nett negative to the league.

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