The General and Random Football Questions Thread

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Norm Smith Medallist
Feb 14, 2017
AFL Club
Why do umpires yell "east west"
Because of the curvature of the footy field, and the direction of the mark always lining up towards the goal, a player can move left to right and actually take ground forwards over the mark. Therefore the umpire's direction of "east west" is an instruction that they move left to right in a perfect line so they don't step over the mark when moving sideways.

Instead of taking a bounce every 15m can a player just handball it to themselves?
Yes and no. Great question.

If they ran 10 steps, got tackled, handball, break the tackle, catch the handball, and keep running another 15 steps, i'm sure they would get away with it.

Otherwise no. How easy would it be to handball to yourself.

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