news The General MMA & Combat Sports Discussion Thread

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This is meant to be an anything thread (MMA or combat sport related) so we don't need to start a thread just to make our point.

Rather then start a thread once every card or fight match up is announced, I though it might be good to start a thread where we could:

- Discuss match ups that have been announced or that we would like to see.
- Post fights or cards that have been announced.
- Relay scuttlebutt that we have heard regarding upcoming fights or scratchings.
- Fighters you would like to see move to a new MMA promotion.
- Pose questions or ask a question.
- Or anything else you can think of.

This is not just for UFC but is more a MMA/combat sport thread but I guess these days it will be weighted towards UFC.

Posted this in the Carwin thread & who I think he should fight next but I thought I might start with this:

Might sound like a bit of a gift for the challanger to get in a title fight but I would like to have seen a rematch with Lesner before they fight anyone else. If lesner lost that would have been the case, so I think it would be great to see it again. The fight had everything & it only we for 6 minutes.

Its not like Carwin was destroyed, if he had a little more gas in the tank the fight might have been his. Then whoever won the rematch I would love to see them face Cain.
I would also like to see Machida fight Shogun again before they fight anyone else & fedor vs Werdum too. I can't see Werdum getting the same opportunity for an arm bar again.

I would also like to see Green fight Mundine & then have both banned for life if they attempt to fight another bum.
I like the idea of a general thread but I'd prefer the card predictions and discussions to be separate.

Agree on Lesnar/Carwin and Fedor/Werdum, but not Shogun/Machida. Machida is just tailor made for Shogun and got worked. The problem with the Lesnar/Carwin rematch is Velasquez has earned the shot and he's ready and waiting.

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If Cro Cop's legendary TDD is still there and he lets his hands go, Mir will be looking at his second successive knockout loss.
The old Cro Cop would be a tough ask for Mir, but this version will get his arse handed to him methinks.

In the second I think Mir will put him to sleep.
Old Cro Cop would murder Mir, but times have changed. I still think this is a winnable fight for Mirko, purely from a stylistic viewpoint, but Mir has improved striking and strength. Really just depends on what Mirko shows up. Mirko with heart should do enough damage to Mir to break Mir's spirit.

This is a much better fight IMO than the Nog rematch which I think would probably have gone a similar way to the first fight, as Nog looks pretty much done after such a long career.
This is a much better fight IMO than the Nog rematch which I think would probably have gone a similar way to the first fight, as Nog looks pretty much done after such a long career.

Yep. I'd have been gutted to see Nog lose to Mir again so I'm loving this news. I think Mirko vs Mir on paper is a really intriguing fight too, one I've been wanting to see for years.

War Cro Cop! :thumbsu:

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^ Had heard that too, but the timing seems odd considering the purchase of Pride was around 3 years ago. If nothing else, Hunt's a good striker and could put on entertaining fights with other strikers. Also gives another Australasian name for the next card down here which will only help grow the sport in these regions.

Am disappointed to hear Nog requires surgery but I'm OK with Mirko being the replacement. I'd really like to see the Crocop of old in this fight, but I don't think he's got much left in the tank. Still, Mir's a big name and a pretty good stylistic match up for him so maybe he can build confidence off of this fight and land another big fight down the line.
This is probably as good a thread as any for the WEC card on tomorrow afternoon, it's not airing on Setanta though until Friday night so I'll have to hope for a torrent to be released by tomorrow night.

Going with Benavidez by decision for the upset in the main event rematch, Roller by sub, Mendes by TKO, Jorgensen by decision in the fight of the night, Palaszewski by TKO, Njokuani by TKO, Vazquez by decision, Jansen by decision, Paixao by sub and Castillo by decision

Major disappointment though that Faber/Mizugaki wasn't able to go ahead as it would've been a sick fight, they've apparently withheld it from being rescheduled for next month's WEC card too because there was already a stacked card.
Yeah agree Ross with most of your picks. I think Cruz though might just get the nod if it goes to decision, but that fight is a coin flip. Benavidez has been looking really good with his GnP and takedowns, but Cruz's movement and striking has also been looking great and I think Cruz's length is going to be the difference - but I also said that with Torres, so who knows!? Going to be a good card today.
No surprise at all that the WEC delivered again with great fights.

I thought Benavidez won the main event and I'd scored it four rounds to one, certain that sites like FightMetric would back me up. I'm pretty stunned now to see that they'd scored it 50-45 for Cruz, I'll need to rewatch it in the next few days when I've settled down. I really just hope that nobody was giving Cruz rounds for getting the takedown in the last 15 seconds and then doing nothing with it. Quick edit: I should mention that Cruz's takedown defense was immense, Benavidez never really got close to getting him on his back.

Roller vs Pettis was an amazing fight. Pettis has been on a serious roll this year, can't wait for the fight with Benson and then down the track a fight between he and Cerrone must happen in the next year.

Jorgensen vs Pickett lived up to my expectations too, Jorgensen's another fighter on a great streak of wins, he's easily earnt a shot at Cruz after this. Wouldn't mind seeing Pickett come up against Benavidez or Bowles next.

The other two fights were good enough, Mendes is a beast of a wrestler but probably needs to round out his skillset a bit more before moving up to fight the best.
Anyone buying Strikeforce this weekend? I can't justify paying for a card where Jorge Gurgel gets 3rd billing on the main event.

I got King Mo via ground n pound TKO and Jacare by sub although I still think Jacare's got serious holes with his stand up and it's only a matter of time before he gets KO'd.

Anyone notice something wrong with this ad?


Where's Feijao? Where's Jacare? This is the same bullshit Dana White talked about with Strikeforce when they were pushing Hendo over their champion Jake Shields. They don't even say who King Mo's fighting in the main event.
Yeah, it's not so much that I'm opposed to paying given the quality of the card or that I can't justify it, I'm just opposed to paying a regular PPV price for something that nobody else has to pay for. If it was half the price I'd probably get it. And agreed, Strikeforce posters are terrible, UFC posters are nothing awesome like the old PRIDE posters but at least you know what you're going to see.

For predictions, I'll go with Mo by TKO, Jacare by sub (although if he gasses out over a five round fight he'll be in trouble), Noons by decision, Lashley via who cares and Cormier and Galvao in the only notable prelim fights.
Jacare's striking has actually looked quite good lately. Fast and crisp. But his chin is suspect, so he wouldn't wanna get too carried away.

I have a bit of interest in how Lashley goes. The guys a ridiculous physical specimen (although not as naturally as Lesnar is), and has just been too powerful so far. Also interested in how Galvao goes. Won't buy it though.
There's a few quality streams on Justin TV.

Lashley just gassed in the first round. Didn't like the sight of his own blood and it's stopped at the end of the second LOL.
Wow Gurgel vs Noons was like WTF?

- Noons drops Gurgel a split second after the bell to finish the 1st.
- Noons drops him at the start of the second and stops fighting.
- Noons starts hitting Gurgel again, connects with an illegal knee to the head while Gurgel's on the ground and the ref stops the fight giving the victory to Noons.

How dumb is Jorge Gurgel? He's got high quality bjj and everyone knows how good he is yet for his entire career he's insisted on standing and trying to KO his opponents.

Noons just said he wants to fight Mayweather in boxing! Seriously, Mayweather would be like "who the f*ck is KJ Noons".

Jacare vs Kennedy was flat out boring. No fighter wanted to take the belt.

Nice work by Feijao. He was able to keep the fight standing with some good takedown defense. King Mo showed a lot of improvement with his striking but I think he gets cocky trying to be Anderson Silva or Roy Jones Jr by dropping his hands.
Well Feijao sent that train right off the tracks. I did like the way Lawal kept fighting despite being in deep s**t for a good few minutes. His post-fight interview was also good, and I hope he does come back better.

Noons' striking is fantastic in MMA terms, but he's kidding himself with Mayweather.

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