Autopsy The good, the bad and the ugly Vs Swans R12 2019

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Death by Snu Snu
Oct 27, 2006
Behind enemy Lines
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
Sth Freo, Liverpool, Chicago Bulls
The Good
-Liam Ryan

The Bad
-Midfield smashed at the clearance
-Forward line pressure allowing Swans transition
-Jetta trying to be too fancy and costing us goals

The Ugly
-Having a 3 man advantage and getting out scored
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Aug 11, 2011
Gone Hubbin'
AFL Club
West Coast
Well that was certainly a game of football that happened.

+ Josh Kennedy is good at kicking goals, when given the chance
+ I assume that’s our last game at the SCG for the year
+ Bye coming at a decent time I guess?
+ One week closer to Nic Nat/Barrass’ return.

- Where to begin? Everyone saw this coming, and yet it still took place. Sydney as underdogs was free money.
- Vardy and Hickey combo - never again. I know Allen was out so we had to pick someone, but never again.
- Vardy gets his own point by himself. Congratulations mate, your 2018 was exceptional but the step back this year would make James Harden proud.
- Intent was shocking, numbers at the contest shocking, the presence of any sort of resistance fell away too easily.
- Forward pressure nonexistent, ruined us early then the floodgates opened. On that, forward entry let us down in a big way. Efficiency nowhere near the usual levels.
- No Yeo was always going to hurt, but would it kill anyone else to lay a tackle in his place? Redden worked hard, other mids didn’t lay anything of merit.
- Rioli will go for his sling tackle but old mate had both hands free and elected not to protect himself. sh*t rule.
- Percentage killer. When we lose, boy do we lose. Disappointing how off our off days are.
- Not his fault, the best game of his life was never changing anything today, but I could do without seeing Josh Smith play for us again.
- Weeks of momentum erased just like that. I don’t think this is season defining, we had games like this last season, but the momentum being halted is disappointing.

Have a week to think gents. I would really appreciate a response against Essendon.

8-4 and clear in the top four is good. Today was bad. Bring on the bye week.


All Australian
Jul 30, 2013
AFL Club
West Coast
Not even a little concerned. Not even a percentage. It was a systematic failure which I do not mind. I would happily see us fail in grounds like SCG and Geelong all day every day. I hate to have a game plan that stands up at Geelong and SCG. Who cares.No wake up call what so ever. let's just all calm down.

Positives - Resting Yeo, Hurn. Expecting NN TB to come back as well. Back to back is well and truly on whenever we get smashed by sydney and cats. I am not even joking. Our game plan will hold up in big games.Enjoy the rest, we have few big weeks coming up post Bye.

Priddis Is Done

Premiership Player
May 28, 2017
AFL Club
West Coast
Poor performance by Simmo. When the opposition has a clear open line and ours is more clogged than a Lyon flood, you know it's structure related.

And because the structure / ganeplan is so poor, eventually the team gives up.

Very poor at the selection table as well. Needed more midfield grunt.

And I don't even blame Vardy, it's the MC that keeps selecting this insipid spud.

Time for Pet to have a rest. Needs more intensity and hardness.

Burn the game and FU SCG.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 10, 2000
Perth, WA
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
- Ryan
- Kennedy kicked a goal to keep the streak going
- No more games at SCG this year

Bad: Almost everything else

Ugly: Vardy (individually) & Vardy/Hickey ruck combo.


We Talk Footy podcast
Jun 5, 2004
AFL Club
West Coast
Can't help but feel our inability to just stem the bleeding will cost us come season's end. Could cost us a top 4 spot, but at the very least it's gonna be difficult to get top 2 with our % unless we just win 10 straight.


All Australian
Jul 30, 2013
AFL Club
West Coast
Good- Giants lost so did lions and tigers so we stay in the hunt for that elusive 2nd spot.Te rest is irrelevant. Who gives a turn how we play swans or cats in their utterly crap grounds. Game pans are heavily impacted by dimensions and we do well in perth, AO, Marvel and MCG so who gives a $#$% about the results on these grounds. Great choice MC for resting Yeo.


Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 29, 2005
AFL Club
West Coast
Good: + Ryan's first half.
+ 2 weeks to dwell on that piss poor effort.

Bad: - midfield. Piss poor. Absolutely slapped.
- rucks. Pick one Simmo.
-selection. Nearly everyone on here said Smith in for Yeo and Gaff more inside was a bad idea, how the hell our MC still thought is was the best option is staggering.
- tackling. 2 weeks ago hit 100. Simmo came out and said that's not sustainable and since then we've taken that as a licence to play like witches hats. Even last week we tackled weakly, just the Dogs style allowed us to get away with it. Was never going to work against the Swans on the SCG.

Balls In

Norm Smith Medallist
May 25, 2018
AFL Club
West Coast
+ Haven't seen the game due to the delay and I wont be now I know how its unfolded. Better things to do with my time like watching the world cup. F u to the AFL, channel 7 and everyone else who allowed this ******* disgrace of a situation.
+ All points to major structural issues which are fixable with returning ayers
+ Vardy has solved the "what to do when NicNat comes back" question
- None of the replacements impacted the game so our depth is poo
- Half the team failed to break even in the contests... many passengers
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Senior List
Oct 10, 2015
AFL Club
West Coast
We are gutless. To come out at the half and not change anything in terms of game plan with a team who had 1 on the bench is simply baffling.

“Our roll over and take it” mentality is really scary. Even though we didn’t change game plan, we didn’t once get an opportunity to change the tempo, because we had our users turning it over too frequently today.

Overall, when the going gets tough we don’t like to get our hands dirty. Hawthorn game in a couple weeks time will be the same as today.

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