Autopsy The good, the bad and the ugly Vs Swans R12 2019

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May 30, 2016
AFL Club
West Coast
Not even a little concerned. Not even a percentage. It was a systematic failure which I do not mind. I would happily see us fail in grounds like SCG and Geelong all day every day. I hate to have a game plan that stands up at Geelong and SCG. Who cares.No wake up call what so ever. let's just all calm down.

Positives - Resting Yeo, Hurn. Expecting NN TB to come back as well. Back to back is well and truly on whenever we get smashed by sydney and cats. I am not even joking. Our game plan will hold up in big games.Enjoy the rest, we have few big weeks coming up post Bye.

We always lose to Sydney even when we are not in Sydney! Better they are our hoodoo team than someone in the top 8.

Time to reset and relax. Hurn, Yeo, Barrass and NN all back in after the bye. Still top 4 and still a game clear. Any team would be wishing they were in the same position.


Premiership Player
Jul 10, 2012
AFL Club
West Coast
Ryan was good, JK tried.
Made some easy cash

A belting we all saw coming
Rioli will go for a week
Midfield didn't care. Gaff and Sheed would miss a tackle on a tackling bag
Defence poor. No Barrass and no Hurn hurts
Lyon can **** right off, he is an absolute trash human

Mr Casson

Premiership Player
Jun 27, 2008
South Korea
AFL Club
West Coast
+ Liam Ryan

- Gary Lyon is a nasty vindictive man who attacks peoples character when they fail on the football field.
He fails at being a human.
He is a **** campaigner but that is too dramatic. He never attacked McGovern's character, just pointed out things that in his opinion McGovern did wrong on the field.


All Australian
Feb 20, 2018
AFL Club
West Coast
We are bloody lucky Syndey haven't been a serious contender these last two seasons. We just don't match up well against them for some reason.


Club Legend
Apr 30, 2013
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
Canucks, South Fremantle
Poor performance by Simmo. When the opposition has a clear open line and ours is more clogged than a Lyon flood, you know it's structure related.

And because the structure / ganeplan is so poor, eventually the team gives up.

Very poor at the selection table as well. Needed more midfield grunt.

And I don't even blame Vardy, it's the MC that keeps selecting this insipid spud.

Time for Pet to have a rest. Needs more intensity and hardness.

Burn the game and FU SCG.
Yes, our structures and game plan were terribly suited for that absolute joke of a ground. We didn't use the width at all and our delivery was terrible.

But that means nothing when we're absolutely pathetic in the middle. The midfield was collectively terrible, out worked and out smarted.

And jeez an AFL standard ruckman would be nice.


Premiership Player
Sep 16, 2004
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
West Perth, West Ham
I wasn't really referring to McGovern (who was poor) just his overall attitude as commentator and "expert" on On The Couch.

Gaffy Duck

May 12, 2019
Fight Club
AFL Club
West Coast
+ I really am struggling on this one.
+ Ryan great!
+ That’s about it
+ I don’t have to watch the replay

- Allir On Waterman.. that hurt us, was like the cat that got the cream really
- Vardy/Hickey. Awful game from both and this does nothing to suggest we need 2 rucks. Or at least 2 rucks playing like absolute ****. They. Don’t. Work. Together. Abandon the strategy Simmo mate
-McGovern and Buddy.. really awesome strategy there. The hell?
- Giving the ball straight to Sydney inside 50. And not learning from it
- Riolis tackle, Cripps possibly injured? Hoping him playing out the game is a good sign
-Sydney being 3 men down and still smashing us
- Lack of tackles and zero intensity

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All Australian
Aug 4, 2011
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
We lost on a **** ground with heaps of important outs, not even mad. We're going to be scary at full strength.


May 30, 2016
AFL Club
West Coast
+ No more games at the SCG or v Sydney for the year

+ No injuries

+ JK with his kicking boots on

- playing our hoodoo team in Sydney

- Gary Lyon bagging Gov the entire game. Go and G F - least Gov doesn't cut his best mates grass. Obviously has no idea that our backline has operated this way for 2 years. Difference today is that no Hurn or Barrass to cover Gov's ass as required. Entire backline/ mids not working hard enough to protect the space.

- umpires calling HTB on us after every tackle with zero prior. Syd dropping the ball and throws not called. Also loved how we inexplicably got called to play on 5 secs after taking a mark... didn't run off our line or anything.

- Vardy needs to take a contested mark. Gets his hands on it and they never seem to stick.

- Cole makes me nervous whenever he is near it.

- missed tackles Sheed is the worst for it!


Club Legend
Apr 10, 2008
AFL Club
West Coast
Positives: Beautiful sunny day in Sydney.

* Lazy, dis-interested overpaid footballers who have refused to turn up to four games this year - Brisbane, Geelong, Port and now Sydney. Disgraceful.
* Hickey and Vardy should not play together again. It doesn't work.
* Our loose checking backline who were standing up to 10 metres off their opponents. Last time I checked none of them qualified for the 100 metre sprint at the Olympics.
* Jake Waterman. Too slow to be an AFL player.
* Selection committee who constantly pick to tall teams. Wake up morons.
* Tom Cole. How does this guy get a game every week? He is average.
* Jack Petruccelle's decision making. Just kick the goal son.
* Lewis Jetta being a lair. Stick to what you are good at.
* Our centre bounce clearance work. Appalling.


Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 3, 2007
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
West Perth
+ Liam Ryan tried all day and can hold his head up high.

- McGovern really disappointed me today, it is rare that we need him to lock down a player but it was clear he just said stuff you coach I will do what I want. He set the standard for the day.

Petch and Waterman I just don’t get what we are doing with them, Petch is not a natural forward, he has speed but that’s about it. Should be getting developed as an outside mid and in the WAFL.
Waterman to me is just a backup for JK and JD and as he is not that great below the knees so again I don’t see his value in the side, Ah Chee would offer much more in the same role.

And with most of our losses just way to many players not getting the ball and not breaking even in one on ones which to me is just a lack of effort.
Keeps happening and while our good footy is very good we are always gettable as our efforts are not consistent. Been happening fir some time now which is why Simmo keeps saying we have heaps to improve on, the question is are we improving?


BigFooty Optimist
Aug 19, 2016
Perth, WA
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West Coast
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East Fremantle
We are gutless. To come out at the half and not change anything in terms of game plan with a team who had 1 on the bench is simply baffling.

“Our roll over and take it” mentality is really scary. Even though we didn’t change game plan, we didn’t once get an opportunity to change the tempo, because we had our users turning it over too frequently today.

Overall, when the going gets tough we don’t like to get our hands dirty. Hawthorn game in a couple weeks time will be the same as today.

Really? You're saying this after what we've done the past year and a bit?

If we have a "role over and take it" attitude, we wouldn't have won the premiership. Or beaten Collingwood at the MCG after 23 years, or done it 3 times in a row. Or beaten Melbourne a couple weeks ago when they had a 3 goal lead. Or beat Adelaide after being 6 goals done in the 3rd quarter, which was also more than the GF.

You just can't say that anymore. We've proven time and again that we can win when it's not in our favour. If we couldn't, than we wouldn't be the premiers.


Club Legend
Jan 27, 2018
AFL Club
West Coast
I think the bye comes at a good time for us. Players to come back, an open draw in the second half of the season. We are still odds on to finish top 4. But we need to get back to doing some non-negotiables.


Brownlow Medallist
May 2, 2009
AFL Club
West Coast
well that was a waste of $75 - SOUNDS LIKE T,HE TV WOULD HAVE BEEN WORDS,

Secetions had no impact - we went with what we have

I suspect Mc G is playing injured- his smarts however shon through


Premiership Player
Jul 30, 2015
AFL Club
West Coast

We always lose to Sydney even when we are not in Sydney! Better they are our hoodoo team than someone in the top 8.

Time to reset and relax. Hurn, Yeo, Barrass and NN all back in after the bye. Still top 4 and still a game clear. Any team would be wishing they were in the same position.
3 All Australians and a super good looking gun to come back in the side !!!! Bodes well !!
Apr 25, 2019
AFL Club
West Coast
..I'm trying to be positive. I really am. I watched the whole game, stuck it through agonisingly.. scraping my synapses for some +'s.
I don't mind being beaten if we play well, that's the game. Getting wiped is another story.
+ Gaff - worked hard all day, with his kicks being somewhat efficient and helped to move the ball forward where few did
+ Ryan, solid hard work all day. Too many flying attempts though, a bit more ground ball would've been good
+ Sheed, I thought ran his guts out and helped stem the tide a bit
+ Bye
+ NN and TB return

..This part is easy today, sad to say..
- I sat there like a lump of flacid ineptitude, bereft of any emotions except frustration and rage. Screaming all the best of my English and Russian words into my screen as I watched us getting hammered. Mrs. angry at me for being generally, savagely aggressive around the flat, talking about not smashing my phone etc.
- Hardly anyone mentioning the broken tackles. We barely laid a single, ******* tackle all game. It was pathetic. We need to go back to school on the basic skill of laying a solid hard tackle. Let Yeo be the lead instructor on that one.
- Inside 50's. Why do any type of running ball when you can bomb it long into a pack (of which Sydney have many tall defenders) and let them mark it, intercept it? I felt like I was watching old VFL footage.
- Kicking and handballing was laughable today. Slippery ball, sure, not so slippery that you f up almost every single ball that goes from one player to another.
- No running ball whatsoever, except out last passage of play through the middle which was lovely, unfortunately Kennedy missed.
- I'm starting to seriously have it in for Pech. I don't rate him anymore. I'll eat my words if I have to, but he's a dud. Runs well, then butchers the execution every time.
- No plan B. The selection committee need their heads read. McGovern on Buddy? WTF are you thinking?
- Having hope that we'd get the better of them, we looked good for about 10/12 minutes. That was all. My spirit left my body after that.
- 2 ruck combo? 2 crab combo more like it. Shocking stuff from both. They DOMINATED the rucks. This was one domino of many.
- Rioli getting done. I pray he doesn't. Pech gets slung by a demon, nothing, but because sugar tits get's a knock, Rioli out? This business of MRO picking and choosing their ******** narrative is disgusting. It's an absolute cancer on the game! Fyfe and Ablett flying elbows whereas Jetta and NN out. Shoot the lot of them, straight up.
- Commentary. Lyon and Sydney cheer squad helped my frustration along its merry way. How can they get away with it every week. We need more WA commentors, just someone who can barrack the WCE for once in a game.
- The Buddy swallow club were out in force. It's unreal. Imagine, just imagine, if the commentators screamed for Kennedy like that? Snow would fall on Perth.

I'm awaiting Simmo's response. I love man dearly and am forever grateful for our flag last year, but I suspect it'll be a protect the players, lack of emotion, same old lines interview. Fair enough I suppose, he's not a fan of showing anything to the media and he has cause to do so, but I hope for a fiery, angry display, even though I know it won't affect anything.


Club Legend
Aug 12, 2014
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
Swan Districts, Prescot Cables
Bad- the gap between our best, hell just being a competent side, and our worst is pretty deplorable.
Good: 8-4 and a game inside the top 4 is decent with naitanui, hurn and Yeo back soon having had the toughest draw in the comp
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