The Great Injustice - The Grand Final Contract thread

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Mar 24, 2017
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Although you might suggest the AFL would take a financial hit with GF’s not always being at the MCG, as some people might let their AFL Memberships lapse, as I suspect the GF tickets would play a big part in getting the membership. With less AFL members, their is less annual income. So this would also have to be factored into the GF not always being at the MCG.

But perhaps changing the contract to the GF is at the MCG every second year, could be enough to keep that AFL membership numbers up.
But these people would simply become members of their clubs, meaning more revenue for Vic clubs and less AFL distributions. It all evens out. No less money in the game.

Forget the hundreds of millions the AFL is spending via the NSW/Qld clubs to grow the game, a GF with borders open would change everything. Imagine 84k @ ANZ. You would get 50k travelling from interstate. It would generate tens and tens of millions in economic activity. The streets of Sydney would be filled with AFL club colours. It would be like the Romans conquering Britain. The NRL would have no choice but to surrender.


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Aug 16, 2009
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Imagine the uproar if the AFL said ok next year it's in Perth and two Vic teams make it then the next it's in Vic and two WA teams make it. The NFL system won't go down well.
Not a bad call from 2019 - just 1 year out !

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