The influence of Lewis Jetta on our club

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Norm Smith Medallist
Feb 9, 2012
AFL Club
West Coast
Best game he’s played for us tonight. Just seems to have so much time with the ball and rarely makes the wrong decision. Sometimes his kicks don’t come off but that’s not often. Coming into his own off half back and has completely rejuvenated his career after looking well and truely cooked a few years ago.

kranky al

Brownlow Medallist
Jun 30, 2009
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
east perth
Any inside word on this BOND 007 ?

Jetta seemed like he didn’t know if he belonged when he first game to the Eagles but now I agree with all the above - one of my favourite players.
I remember how often guys would burn him - hed run past and they wouldnt give it to him - they would hand it off to ball users with 1/5th of his disposal.

Kudos to him - he worked his arse off and earned their trust - now hes the fist bloke you would give it to in a tight spot.

WCE Wizard

Premiership Player
Jun 14, 2015
AFL Club
West Coast
He is all class
21 Disposals 95% efficiency and 714 metres gained he is a vital part of our team and even got a story in the mongret punt

He had 714 metres gained for the afternoon, which put him comfortably ahead of the next player by 114 metres, and ahead of the next best defender (Ahern) by 224 metres. Jetta can be guilty of going missing at times, but when the game was there to be won in the first half, he was as influential as any player on the park.

The fact that just one of his 21 touches missed the mark when he was picking up so many metres is… hang on – Champion Data rant incoming.

Dear Champion Data – are you guys absolutely stupid? How can Lewis Jetta possibly have gone at 95% efficiency if seven of his 21 touches constituted turnovers? Fix your statistics. You are paid a shitload of money to do this job for the AFL, yet your method is so flawed it’s ridiculous. A turnover is not effective – stop saying it is.

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