The Inner Sanctum

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Jul 11, 2020
AFL Club
Gold Coast
Hi all,

First of all, apologies for the full-blown self-promotion, but it's been warming to see people enjoying our content when it's been featured.

We're The Inner Sanctum, we're aiming to be the new ball game in Australian sports journalism and give the sporting community what they want to see, and the stories they need to hear.
We've interviewed some big names of Australian sport, with no twists or turns, just straight out facts from those who have played or still play the game.

We're wanting to change the landscape of what sports journalism in this country looks like and go away from the 'An AFL great said this about x', and actually do some proper analysis rather than hot takes.

You can reach us at, and if you have any criticism, suggestions or people you'd love to see us interview, please feel free to hit us up. We're here to help make the media landscape a better place.

Look forward to hearing from you all,

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