The Jack Macrae Thread

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Jan 13, 2004
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We have several player appreciation threads on this forum.

Mofra’s excellent Caleb Daniel thread.

Living vicariously through Libba and his nonna.

The Church of Bontempelli.

The hilariously named “I’ve got an Easton Wood” thread.

Possibly others I’m unaware of.

It is now time for the great Jack Macrae to have an Official Thread.

Some quick Jack Macrae Facts:

- Yesterday in our come from behind win against the Hawks, Jack Macrae has 36 possessions, 9 score involvements and 1 goal

- In our semi final win against the Hawks in 2016, Jack Macrae had 39 possessions

- In our 2016 Preliminary Final against GWS, Jack Macrae kicked the winning goal, putting us into the Grand Final for the first time in 55 years and breaking the curse of 7 previous Preliminary Final defeats.

- Jack Macrae has counted to infinity, twice.

- Jack Macrae beat the sun in a staring contest

Etc etc

In essence, this thread is for the appreciation of love of the great man Jack Macrae.

Register your appreciation and love for him! Do it I say!


Dec 6, 2005
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Jack Macrae also became the youngest player in the AFL to play a 40 possession game (43 & 2 from memory). He was 19.

He s also super-competitive and very disciplined, never gives away stupid free kicks. It's scary he's still a couple of years off his best football.


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Aug 15, 2014
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I think he has a brownlow in him, could even be as early as this year.

Umpires tend to be 12 months behind in recognizing players. If we can push for finals, his consistency will almost certainly have him in the race.

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doggies ftw

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Sep 22, 2008
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I just love him, hes still improving so much every year even though hes already at auch a high level. His disposal off either foot is becoming a serious weapon now. Getting more damaging by the week


All Australian
Aug 27, 2015
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Dear Jacko,

Everytime you have the football as you cross the F50 arc, zing it at the big sticks like you did so perfectly on Sunday.

It inspires your teammates and will put you in the conversation with Danger, Fyfe, Dusty, Kelly, Bont as one of the very best our game has to offer.

You have been unselfish for long enough, time to become the big DOG!


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Jun 4, 2015
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Sums him up entirely that it's taken this long to give him a thread.

I'd be happier to see him up on that Brownlow stage than I would anyone else. Not because he's my absolute favourite player but because it'd be evidence of some sort of cosmic justice that I'd really like to believe in.

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Oct 30, 2014
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So amazingly consistent. Was exceptionally good through our finals run couple and of years back, and hasn’t dropped the output since. Only notching it up year to year. Seems very coachable too.


Nov 6, 2014
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Gold Coast
20+ disposal games since start of 2014

112 - Josh P. Kennedy
108 - Patrick Dangerfield
104 - Scott Pendlebury
100 - Adam Treloar

Quite remarkable when you consider that 2014 was just his second season in the competition. The bloke just doesn't play bad games, it's actually unreal. He has registered 20 disposals or more in 107 of his first 120 games of his career. That has to be some kind of record surely.

I remember watching Steven King say in an interview back in 2015 that he's got a natural competitive edge where he just doesn't give up and will continue to grind out games, even if he's had a bad quarter or a bad half. After hearing him say this I decided to watch Macrae closely whenever he started a game slowly and my god he wasn't lying. He works his absolute ass off to ensure he ends up with his 20+ touches no matter how poorly he starts. It's almost as if he's aware of just how many disposals he's sitting on and has to make sure he reaches the 20 mark at a minimum. I now start smirking whenever I see him sitting on 9 touches at half time (rare I know) knowing he's probably beating himself up in the rooms and will come out and end up with 33 for the game. It's an amazing trait to have.

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