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This is my frustration - it really doesn’t lead to a change in behaviour. The ‘offending’ player doesn’t have as much control over whether the opponent gets hurt as the MRP seem to think. Players can’t sum up in an instant if their legal football manoeuvre is going to result in injury.

You need to stamp out the action, like you say. Going back to the Ablett ones, you’ve got complete non football actions being ticked off because nobody was injured, but that’s more luck than anything. Ablett isn’t using pin point precision to hit players high in a way he knows won’t break their jaw, it’s pure luck. 1cm either way could be massively different, but the AFL ticks off the action because of its outcome.

It’s very hard to take ‘hurting your opponent’ out of the game, when legal moves that result in injury are getting more and more scrutiny applied to them. Guys will get hurt, there isn’t always the need to swing around suspensions.

On Guelfi - he’s missing the game from his rib injury, not concussion, so it’s not pertinent to the case. Gov’s charges were for head high contact resulting in concussion, a concussion that Guelfi has medical miracled his way out of in the days since.
Fancy being the advocate next time we get shafted? Of course you wouldn't get the coin QC Grace gets. Absolutely spot on.
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