MRP The Jeremy McGovern TRIBUNAL Thread

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    If you want to know why the Tribunal threads have such a fond place in the hearts of Eagles fans, a sample of some of our favourites:

    Begin with the big Q stick, charged with a knee in the back and cleared by a frame by frame picture created by a bigfooty poster, referenced in the case by our QC

    In 2015 you had the explosive Chris Masten biting incident, as jaw mechanic experts stared down lying testimony and barnacle Suban to get a strange result

    In 2017 Clayton Oliver squirted around on the floor after a phantom elbow, ensuring the players code was no more as an incredulous Will Schofield faced the kangaroo court

    In 2018 Nic Nat failed his biomechanics exam, failing to take into account weight differential in the easiest decision ever made by Michael ‘Literally Hitler’ Christian

    And also in 2018, the much more unsavoury but no less fun Gaff Brayshaw kerfuffle, including an impossible golf game and a lot of heated Twitter posts

    Somewhere along the line in 2012 Shuey got charged with elbowing Lindsay Thomas in the groin, and our defence was basically to call him a diving bitch. Which he is and was. Can’t track down the thread though.

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