Oppo Camp The Kerridge 2020 - various spuds delisted

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Apr 11, 2007
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FYI this is the only week I want multiple Kerridge performances.
Schulz, Crowden, Fredericks step up lads and punish us!!

We have to rest campaigners for this game
We got the desired result I guess. Cant complain but it still kinda hurts to see some of the sh*t that went on today. Anyways kill the tape and move on.

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Nov 26, 2017
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North Melbourne
Undermanned West Coast? Do they ever look at an opposition injury list over there?

See Waussie, this is exactly what I was talking about mate.
Seriously snake this is your best come back, comment like that are only coming out of WA not fox, AFL or any other media outlet Australia wide. Get a grip, that's said about any top team when they lose elite players.
Try a little harder to prove a point next time.


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Apr 28, 2008
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Wycombe Wanderers
Gee, there's some ugly heads in this Freo team. No wonder Nat sticks around (& got rid of Weller & Neale); all the advertising money would come his way.

There's the ranga with the $hit 1st name in Watson... The "only a mother could love that head" Crowden... Some chick named Taylin... The great Shultz/Hogan debate... Some nerd named Ethan... And apparently Stephen Hill still gets a game these days.

But I always like to go for the player we threw big money at and failed to win over. Pretty much every team has at least 1. Therefore, I nominate this, ummm, "chivalrous gentleman":

View attachment 959413

CHIVALRY wasn’t high on the agenda for former Brisbane Lions footy star James Aish as he arrived with girlfriend Morgan Mitchell at the wedding of a teammate on Sunday.
Best bit about this photo is that a Collingwood poster did a detailed takedown of it, with a slightly disturbing level of detail, including photos from his own visit to the site the following day.


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Dec 2, 2001
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I don't think I've posted in this thread all year so I'd better get in before it is too late.

Surely it is Brayshaw, just to make the year's woes a little bit harder to take.

But if not it then perhaps it will be Jake Waterman, who to my eyes, bears an amazing resemblance to Fraser Gehrig. If I'm not mistaken Fraser was once a teammate of Jake's father. NTTAWWT.

But if either of these fail to get the chocolates, then pencil in either Josh Rotham, who I had never heard of until I had a look at their team against the Saints or an old favourite, Tom Hickey.

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