Oppo Camp The Kerridge Award - Classic Kerridge series (off season)

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Sep 3, 2012
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North Melbourne
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Milwaukee Brewers
Open to all NMFC BF posters.

Same rules as previous years.

Multipliers added on demand, medical subs eligible if they meet spud category.

A points formula based on kicks, marks, tackles, efficiency and match votes.

2021 Kerridge winners including a tie in round 5.

R1 Fantasia 115 - ferball, giantroo, Snake Baker, Psicosis, DrZaius, Harris 10, see see, tales 129, tazaa
R2 Bowes 83 - Daveyboy123
R3 Bruce 362 - Bruce - Bennymate, tazaa, krakouers85, Kanga Glory, Ashley B, Twinkletoes, ferball,
King Corey, Uncle_Leo, buttox, Wild Kangaroo, TennisPlayerAndy, Forever North, scottywiper, Devington, Flawed Genius, giantroo
R4 Sholl 134 - andana, Gasometer

R5 Miers 75 - Kangaroos4eva, Daveyboy123, krakouers85, FlyHigh18, DrZaius, RossHenshaw, The Anvil,
Flawed Genius, tazaa, ferball, big_e, Twinkletoes, Wild Kangaroo
R5 Parfitt 75- Nate7

R6 Schultz 114 - CharlieMortdecai, Ashley B, Flawed Genius
R7 Jordon 92 - N7, DaveyBoy123, big_e, andana
R8 Cameron 105 - DrZaius, Hojuman, SonofSamsquanch, Gumble Frankleton, big_e
R9 Wingard 114 - see see, krakouers85, giantroo
R10 Wright 134 - see see
R11 Dunstan 135 - Hojuman
R12 bye
R13 Cumming 90 - Devington, Daveyboy123, Luke72, DrZaius
R14 "Big O" McInerney 101 - Wild Kangaroo, SonofSamsquanch, Kangaroos4Eva, DaveyBoy123, ferball, big_e, DrZaius, Ashley B, see see
R15 Corbett 107 - andana
R16 Weightman 144 - shinboner magic
R17 Rotham 103 - Luke72
R18 Wright 120 - DrZaius, RossHenshaw, see see, ferball, Kangaroos4eva
R19 Newnes 114 - muttley45
R20 Blicavs 99 - Hojuman, Forever North
R21 Graham 161 - tazaa
R22 Hayward 151 - Nate7, giantroo, Flawed Genius, ferball
R23 McAdam 137 - RossHenshaw, ferball, Ashley B
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Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 16, 2004
The Gasometer
AFL Club
North Melbourne
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Noble really get into the Shinboner-Kerridge spirit in the pre-season. No one will ever hear of Jacob Koschitzke ever again and even Mason Wood got a few against us.

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Brownlow Medallist
Apr 11, 2007
AFL Club
North Melbourne
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Sam Gray


Brownlow Medallist
Sep 21, 2008
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Steven Motlop to be favourite for the Coleman after kicking 7 in the first round

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