Oppo Camp The Kerridge Award - Where sh!tmen dominate once a year!

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Two time hall of famer - AFS thread
Sep 3, 2012
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Other Teams
Milwaukee Brewers
R17 v WCE

Rotham 103 - Luke72
Petrucelle 61 - Nate7, instincts
Langdon 58 - giantroo, Flawed Genius, krakouers85
Ah Chee 52 - SonofSamsquanch, Devington, Hojuman, Kanga Glory
Nelson 47 - Wels Eicke, muttley45, big_e
Cole 39 - shinboner magic, Twinkletoes
Cripps 33 - CharlieMortdecai, see see, DrZaius, ferball, Daveyboy123, mcarcherey, Ashley B, Kangaroos4eva

One winner this week Luke72
Eight spuds as well!

The Kerridge

5 Daveyboy123, DrZaius
4 ferball, big_e, see see
3 tazaa, Flawed Genius, giantroo, krakouers85, Wild Kangaroo, Ashley B, andana
2 Twinkletoes, Nate7, Hojuman, Devington, SonofSamsquanch, Kangaroos4eva, Luke72
1 Snake Baker, Psicosis, Harris 10, tales 129, Bennymate, Kanga Glory, King Corey, Uncle_Leo, TennisPlayerAndy, Forever North, scottywiper,
Gasometer, FlyHigh18, RossHenshaw, The Anvil, CharlieMortdecai, Gumble Frankleton, shinboner magic

The Spud Shield
3 Nate7, Flawed Genius, see see, Kangaroos4eva
2 Twinkletoes, Hojuman, CharlieMortdecai, Dr Zaius, ferball
1 TennisPlayerAndy, buttox, Snake Baker, big_e, SonofSamsquanch, Devington, Gasometer, speedy,
Luca Toni Time, Shinboner Magic, Gumble Frankleton, Wild Kangaroo, muttley45, krakouers85, Luke72, Daveyboy123, Ashley B, Mcarcherey

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Existential crisis management consultant
Apr 28, 2008
The Championship
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Other Teams
Wycombe Wanderers
Will Snelling - The Salts

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