Toast The Kevin Sheedy Medal.

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GWS Goose

Norm Smith Medallist
Nov 14, 2011
Emu Plains
AFL Club
Yeah Toby, sorry. That’s always a chance of a mess up:
1.) Hopper
2.) Greene
3.) Taylor
Our BnF voting makes it hard to win if you miss a fair amount of games, that cost Taylor and Greene who IMO were the best in the games they played, but missed quite a few which hurt them.
Toby got much closer than I expected.
I expected Hopper to just nudge out Kelly.

probably an indicator that JKelly does a fair bit of stuff that coaches like that may not be immediately obvious to us punters, of alternatively that Hopper may not be taking the options that the coaches would like (I suspect the former)

Himelberg polled really well, he does lots of "team" things that are underated by fans, but appreciated by the coaches.

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Ichabod Noodle

Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 13, 2011
The Riff
AFL Club
Other Teams
Raiders, Brumbies
Cumming in =6 and Idun piped by Whitfield by a point in the final rounds for a top 10 finish shows what a break-out season they both had.

Ash & TNT in the top 15 as well - good to see.

Buckley poling solidly until his injury.

Even Peatling got on the board comfortably.

future is bright.

A lot of people been ragging on HH all season but obviously doing what the coaches asked of him


Club Legend
Jan 26, 2014
AFL Club
Congrats to Kelly and I think he has been working on his game for the team and also I think he has had a few injuries he has played through the last few years so hopefully he can be back for a full pre season
Hopper unlucky but a AA nom and 3rd in the BnF shows the potential he has and I expect another step up next year
HH finish shows how he is underrated by supporters and again he is consistent without being exceptional but at only 25 he has a lot of footy in front of him and he needs to be a goal a game forward with couple of 3-4 goal games per season and that is his role but also I think he has worked hard on improving his defensive game

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