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Nov 1, 2000
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Nice threads guys, you wear them well. Glad to see you've got your

syndrome under control.

Anyway ... over at the Roys (you know, one of the 10 teams not in 'ooh look at us' land) ... this dumbarse captain who fell into our lap a bit over 10 seasons ago is hitting 200 games today.

I considered writing up a congratulatory thingy but realised

Nevertheless, ah well, we'll never hear the end of it otherwise. So - words and stuff (no fonts or formatting but there's pictures for the children):

That's right. fitzroybowiedog is turning 200. It feels like he's been here longer. In reality he arrived on the scene (as fitzroybulldog) in Season 16 - so only a little older than the baby Warriors team. I'd tell you what I remember about his arrival, but I don't remember anything. Hell I only just noticed I was captain then, so I was probably in too much perennial shock to commit much to memory. I enjoyed his presence, and he danced well. Commonly shirtless.

Fbd lodged an immediate impact at the Roys with a half kilo of animated posts in his debut season (which would have been a team high had pantskyle not still been with us and on the red cordial at the time). The next season he won the Good Ole Roys award, and in the next he had his first Broken medal under Reardo 's totalitarian regime.

Then, in Season 19, the lad became the Gorillas' captain. While the Roys still struggled to make an impact on the field, the new skipper had no trouble continuing the club's presence as one of the most notable brands in the league.

This captaincy thing would go on to get out of hand. fitzroybowiedog has held the reins of the 'rilla for countless seasons, deflecting multiple coups with a shrug of the shoulder (he only has one after a bizarre scratching post accident) and overseeing a community that has bonded closer and closer and the seasons wore on. Those seasons brought a few tragedies, during which some of our flagship members departed this earth in the real sense, and leadership at these times was somewhat more genuinely necessary than usual. His own personal idol also exited skyward, and his name altered to suit.

Success eluded the Roys team, and it's always been a challenge to keep spirits up as the losses flowed in (we lose about 30 matches per season on average). But nothing could faze our illustrious leader, who worked tirelessly to keep us together, and to keep the good ship shittyteam afloat.

Then, it happened, just like Shyamalan said. The Roys hit the finals with a full head of steam and the Sim finally, FINALLY, on our side (stupid ******* Sim, usually). A couple of seasons back fitzroybowiedog got everything he deserved for his years of hard work. A premiership, a league Best & Fairest, and more. Nobody gainsaid his success - it was a joy shared by all the competition, even by those from the runners-up Swampies. This was a Roys premiership, but moreso, it was a just desserts for fitzroybowiedog.

Affable, handsome, sporty, approachable and whimsical. But back to fbd. A few more Broken Medals. Countless more Good Ole Roys awards. A favourite, but not only within the team. Everybody knows the bloke, and he breaks the standard Sweet FA mould in being one of the few who essentially everybody likes and enjoys. Fitzy has so few enemies the Roys have had to drum up some collective hatred for him just to help him fit in.

This bloke, THIS BLOKE, has raised the leadership bar so far that I'm jealous as all hell. Sir Dog, you have done this team an irreplaceable service over an extensive time at the helm. May it continue for many more seasons. Whether you want it or not.

The floor is now open for hugs. Start the band.

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Mar 21, 2008
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Lovable. Yes.
Most Lovable. Not while I'm still around.

Still a good effort and well deserved to the 2nd best Asian based Sweet FAer in the comp.
You had to ******* do it didn’t you. Second best Asian based....waiting for KohPhi to tell the Thai prison story for the 100th time.

Thanks spookism ya campaigner.


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Mar 13, 2007
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A huge influence on me as a poster in this place and I admit I have modelled my captaincy on the way you go about it fitzroybowiedog

Congrats mate, enjoy the milestone 👍
Poor recruiting and an culture of mediocrity?
Please don't copy me. You can do better.
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