Autopsy The Luke Beveridges coaching idiocy throws away the game thread.

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May 21, 2008
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Western Bulldogs
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NZ Breakers / New York Knicks
Cannot honestly believe what that sickening mob down the highway gets away with against us 99/100 times.. Absolutely sickening.. I'm gobsmacked at the luck they get across all areas of the game..

I hope they get absolutely pummeled and ridden into the ground come come finals time. They sh*t me to absolute tears....

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Team Captain
May 4, 2016
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Western Bulldogs
Two players down for most of the game and went toe-to-toe with the in form team in the comp, to only go down by a couple of goals. I'm not happy to lose, but no melting from me. Reminds me of the Hawks game where Murphy did his knee. The younger players will realise we can match it with the best. We just need a Swans at the SCG game (the 2015 edition) to bring it all together.


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May 28, 2010
Melbourne (ex-Perth)
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Missed the whole second half, can a non melter pls summarise the key points
2 players down, 20 less interchanges than Geelong who just ran over the top of us. Clear HTB decisions not given, Dangerfield allowed to push Williams in the back before the ball was even in the vicinity and JJ shitting the bed in big moments like usual

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