The Majak Daw Medal for spuds who play career games v the Dogs

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Sep 23, 2009
Out searching for omens pointing to our next flag.
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Western Bulldogs
Glad to see the majak daw medallist Harry Taylor back up his bag of 5 with a commanding 7 possession, zero goal performance.
Yes very good call. Was going to mention Mr Taylor. Doubt he will repeat the effort he is without a doubt a Daw candidate, not that he's a spud, but as a forward he is.

On that note I nominate the whole Geelong side. Let's face it, 2 player aside, they have a fair smattering of genuine spuds in that team now, which is why I can't work out why we can't beat them.

Who before us had 3 weeks in a row of losing, couldn't lay a tackle. They played us, record tackles, couldn't miss a shot at goal. A week later they were missing the easy ones. Of course.

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Jun 29, 2015
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Western Bulldogs
Jack Watts or, worse, Cam Pedersen will spudify us next Sunday. We will make one or both look like Plugger Lockett.
Watts isn't the spud he is made out to be these days imo. Still don't want him kicking a bag though, obviously.

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