Prediction The Mason Wood 2019 Goal Kicking Thread.

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Feb 4, 2012
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He needs to learn to lead laterally so he doesn’t get in the way of Brown like he always tends to do. Waite was so good at that.

If Wood kicks 25-30 and allows Brown to kick 70+ that’s a win. Ziebell will chip in with his 40 this year too by bullying the bottom sides.

If Walker plays 15+ games, have him down for 30+ too.


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Jul 24, 2015
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Probably at least one 6 week injury so I’m thinking;
Wood is good for 2 goals a game - even when he’s having a stinker.
So I’ll back him in to play at least 20.

35 goals 25 behinds
36 goals
25 behinds
Dunno what it is with the 25 behinds but we should have our own little comp about who gets closer.

Maybe whoever does buys the beers after we win the Granny... or the other way round.

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