Win Prizes The Melbourne Cheese Board Extravaganza - Show Off Your Charcuterie Skills (Opposition Posters Welcome)

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Not Santoz
Apr 30, 2021
Chief's Lair
AFL Club
Hi all,

With the Grand Final ahead, we felt it was time to get in the vibe of a big day for the Dees.

We at the Melbourne board want to celebrate in one of the only ways we know how.

By showing off our cheese boards that we make to enjoy for the big day.

And we want you to join.

The best cheese boards, produced for Grand Final day, will win prizes.

Prizes include:
Google Home Mini
- Swysh video from an AFL player of your choice up to $100.
- Signed Jake Lever jumper.

The first place gets their choice, second gets second choice etc.

Entrants will be judged on quality of spread, level of Melbourne support in the entry and design/layout.

However, while this is obviously a Melbourne board competition, this is open to all BigFooty posters. We know a lot of you are on the Melbourne bandwagon, so decorate the place in red and blue for the day and show off your platters.

I look forward to seeing your creativity and support for the Dees!

Entries close 12:01am Monday, 27 September.
full list of prizes?


Sep 5, 2014
AFL Club
I live in France, so you're all screwed. That Jake Lever guernsey can finally replace the neeld era one I picked up for 30 bucks on Smith Street


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