The Melbourne City Thread

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go you pups

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Jun 27, 2013
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Remember when we went 300 days without a win ? Remember Misfud ? Remember the dark days ?

Aside from winning the FFA Cup, up until this point, my most memorable point as a Heart/City fan was watching David Villa score a goal for us at AAMI Park.
I am an emotional wreck.
Lel, bloody Aloisi

Loved him as a Socceroo but boy he stank as a coach "Mifsud will be elite, he makes intelligent runs"

Still reckon that is the best goal in Heart/City History.

Forever in Our Hearts He'll be
Terra Terra

Please let us Wear Red and White in the GF admin x
Maycon will be a star m8
Was just thinking back then. Remember Eric Portaloo?
He scored a decent header once to win us a derby in like the 92nd minute
Been watching Heart/City since Rutger Wurm kicked our first goal and man it's been a long time coming. But we are there... still pinching myself to be honest.

I'm not getting the shitshow vibes about us in the finals this time, the group has a very different vibe about them. There is a confidence that has grown this year.
Oh boy Rutger, haven't heard that name in a while

He's only like 34-35 now, thought he was older
Anyone else reckon we should bring back Dean Bouzanis for a farewell game in the grand final?
Ben Stiller
Do it
Do it

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Mar 10, 2007
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This I see a really nice touch. They could have worn the away kit (which I quite like), but seeing the red and white makes be a touch emotional for the rocky history of the Heart (and our inability to put together a sustained season of top level performance).

When Kirk stood up and shouted this one is for the bloods, today is for the Heart.

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Mar 15, 2014
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Super excited for the game, especially for all the old heart supporters who have waited a long time for this chance. Our girls got the win against Sydney, hopeful the blokes can do the same.

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Jul 25, 2019
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I am nervous aa a wet hen. Starting the drinkiepoos already, 5:30 pm cannot come quicklh enough, wonder if Joffa (Jeff Corte) will watch the game, met and talked to him a few times at Heart/City games. Really likable bloke who does/did a lot of charity work.

He migrated out of Aus at the end of last year.

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