Autopsy The Meltdown thread (Autopsy vs Geelong)

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Norm Smith Medallist
Feb 14, 2008
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North Melbourne
Razor Ray umpiring I know it's gonna be a tough night.... Essendon..lions....

Thompson, Pittard, Jmac did a good job on Ablett.

What a stupid ground, so undersized it's a different game.

All we needed was one ******* goal in the last few minutes and Essendon to not score in the last few minutes and it wouldn't have been humiliating.

I'll tell you why the umps are crooked.
They gave us so many soft free kicks after half time, making up for their bad decisions.

They should not be doing this, they are manipulating the results.

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첫 번째 남자 대 남자
May 20, 2012
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North Melbourne
Funny stat before last nights game; North have won down there more than any other side during the AFL " era " x 8.

Only tempered by the fact that some sides never play down there.
Looking at you Coll. Rich. Haw. *.

Hearts to hearts

Brownlow Medallist
Mar 16, 2001
Melbourne VIC
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North Melbourne
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Wales, Eastwood, West Ham
One to forget. Really good and close early, unlucky with the umpiring it wasn’t even on the scoreboard, but the second half was a procession of kicks out of defence to their loose players or bombs into our forward line that they picked off. First half I thought maybe we had finally worked out how to play there, second half was same old problems.

Can’t get too exercised over it though to be honest. It’s kind of a relief that finals are out of the picture and we are genuinely looking to 2020 now. Changes on field and off and a preseason to get ready, I’m still excited and still have a lot of confidence in players who didn’t show their best last night.

Oh, and thumbs up to JMac and to the coaches for that initiative. My equanimity would have been tested if Ablett had enjoyed his usual freedom and impact.


Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 3, 2003
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North Melbourne
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Yeah we had nothing tonight.

There were only a few things i liked:
Defense is great, Thommo will be missed he is outstanding, unfortunately Tarrant plays worse without Thompson there.
Essendon lost by over 100 points under the roof to the dogs.
Cunnington tried hard.
Jmac was decent.
Garner adds something to the side.
Higgins was ok.

Hard to really say anything about the forward line since the ball isn't going down there, but still would have liked to see more from:
Brown, needs to present an option and get it to ground.
Zurhaar didn't show much at all.
JZ is just pathetic, should be dropped on the back of that performance.
Polec probably played his worst ever game for us.
Simpkin, Atley, Dumont Anderson all just rubbish.

Didn't like the coaching either didn't try anything new reminded me of a certain someone.
Looked like the plan was tight defensive footy for at least the first half. We did try to take the game on more in the second half, just look at all the turnovers when we went inboard. Thats us trying to attack using the corridor. All it achieved was blowing the score line out further.

It was a solid defensive effort most of the night to be fair. Just our lack of spread and polish (more hacking than usual) hurt us badly.

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Premium Platinum
Aug 16, 2009
South Yarra
AFL Club
North Melbourne
How was Ablett's constant appealing to the umpires tonight?

He's just embarrassing himself now. Geelong should do the right thing and retire him immediately.
Couldn’t agree more with the bolded. Then the little conference he has with the umps at the breaks. Seen it far too many times. He’s not the captain, he shouldn’t be standing there getting explanations all the time. Adam Goodes was the same. They umpire the game themselves. It’s a joke.

For what it’s worth I don’t blame the umpires for tonight’s game. We were dumb with and without the ball.

see see

And don't forget the joker...
May 30, 2007
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North Melbourne
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Deportivo Wanka
On a positive note, if that was the Geelong team of 2007-11 we would possibly have been on the receiving end of the largest losing margin in VFL/AFL history.

As putrid as we were, I'd be very worried if I was a Geelong fan. That sort of footy has straight sets written all over it.

Scooter can hold his head high. As for the rest, they should be made to watch a loop of the replay for the next week.

I wouldn't be surprised if we come out and hand Port their arses next Saturday. It's just that sort of year.


It’s a big kick it’s long kick it’s a goal .....
Dec 26, 2007
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North Melbourne
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Catanzaro / Manchester City
It really pisses me off that of all the Victorian teams Geelong is the only one with a home ground. I know It will never happen but Arden street should be developed to play home games . Every club deserves a proper home ground advantage. Playing that shit narrow ground is like kick to kick in a side street. The afl have made this competition so in fair just to suit a few teams .


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Dec 23, 2002
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North Melbourne
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There can be only one...
Jarred Moore has to go; it's not looking good for him as our stoppage/midfield coach.

Has absolutely been our weakest aspect all year, our scores from stoppages are deplorable.
If Moore is to blame for our losses, is he the reason we have beaten contenders the last two years as well? At what point do we stop assigning scapegoats and blame the players for not being able to execute the basics?

Our midfield was hopeless at the basics, sometimes we just suck at the polish but can execute the basics and that is enough sometimes, not against the top side on the ladder. I do think we need to raise the bar, the variance between our good and bad football is astronomical, you don't even give yourself a chance at being competitive when you struggle to pick the ball up and struggle to hit a target.

Our gameplan is basically a lack of faith in the ability of our players to execute, if we had confidence we would use the corridor a lot more, we expect the turnovers it is why we go around the boundary in expectation of not being able to hit a target, we try and force stoppage after stoppage. That doesn't help when you are getting killed at stoppages as well.


Mar 14, 2002
Gasometer Wing
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North Melbourne
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Geelong always drop at least one back, it wasn't just after those goals. Every time in the 1st half when the ball went to Brown, he had Taylor on his tail and Stewart right in front of him. In the end half the ball never even got to Brown.
Always;and thats why they will be chopped liver come Finals

How they tolerate CScotts lack of success and spin has me beat

I would rather be achieving nothing than constantly being teased


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May 18, 2012
Back In Town
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North Melbourne
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Jays, Leafs
I watched the Wallabies win and it was ******* mint.
Yep. Had that on the second screen. Paid more attention to the rugby in the second half.

Related: #2 son played the last game of his first season of school rugby on Friday. He’s a gentle soul who you wouldn’t necessarily pick out as a rugby type. After touching the ball once and having about half a tackle in the whole season so far he came up with 5 tackles, two runs and a yellow card for a shoulder charge. Came home caked in mud and fired up to go around again next year.

So proud.


All Australian
Sep 13, 2014
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North Melbourne
early on, we had just as many shots at goal as they did, but ours were all from right on 50 and none of them made the distance. Later, we just could not get it past half back.

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