List Mgmt. The Midseason Draft - Who should we pick up?

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BigFooty Optimist
Aug 19, 2016
Perth, WA
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West Coast
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East Fremantle
Honestly, I reckon who we pick up in the midseason draft (and I will be very upset if we don’t participate) could be quite decisive for our season. We’re lacking contested ball winners at the moment, and there are plenty in the WAFL that could help address the issues we’re facing.

Someone like Jye Bolton or Sam Fisher could really help us out this season. Or, hell, even Jetta would be a good idea to bring back on, especially with the new rules. TBH, I think who we pick up here could have a big impact on our premiership aspirations.

Who should we look at getting?

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Team Captain
Feb 14, 2018
AFL Club
West Coast
I don't think there's a list spot available?

I wouldn't read too much into todays result as the hiccups aren't a true reflection of the teams capabilities.

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