Analysis The Missing Ingredient

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Aug 25, 2008
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Western Bulldogs
It’s not just an ingredient. I think we are completely devoid of leadership.

We have no one on the field that can Marshall a game plan whatsoever. We either have the game on our terms or lose. There is no correction.

We lack a lot of hardness.

We have no marking forwards whatsoever. Bruce might mark the ball if he wasn’t triple teamed permanently, and Naughton will help but it’s really disappointing that our staff can’t organise a forward line just because Naughton is injured. One missing player shouldn’t completely handicap are ability to score.

we need about 4 Duryea types immediately, not defenders but hard experienced capable players.

We just have a long way to go replacing the experience and leadership lost in 2017-2018.
Seems magnified due to covid as well.

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