The Most Attractive F1 Car

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Jun 6, 2016
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I can kinda understand that. Dirt bikes for the most part are very much function over form. An engine, frame, suspension, handlebars and wheels with minimal plastics left for styling. Also, aesthetically dirt bikes have changed very little over the past 25-30 years. Only keen fans could really tell the difference between a 1997 model and a 2017 model. For me, I find the stripped down nature of dirt bikes can be quite attractive, particularly 2-strokes and with the right colour schemes.

Whilst it is a bit blingy, this silver/chrome KX250 Ryan Villopoto had knocked up just looks svelte, powerful and just super trick.

In terms of actual racing liveries, the old ciggie sponsored Yamaha colour schemes are quite iconic.

Jeremy McGrath's '96 CR250 is probably the most popular bike of all time.

But for me being team green, nothing beats the early 90's KX250s like these from 1992. The epitome of cool.

There's some memories flooding back! The marlboro yammies of Bell and forget the other guy' name, Ward's Kwaka. Dack's PJ yammie.

And of course McGrath's and RV's machines which are the most appealing to the eye from this lot.

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