The most likely 2021 AFL Grand Final matchup

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Brownlow Medallist
Sep 6, 2011
AFL Club
Other Teams
AFL Member so all clubs I guess.
Richmond are gonna be hard to beat

We are going to have one hell of a final series this year. So many teams are a chance.
All of the current 8 except Sydney would rate themselves a decent chance for the flag. Nothing against Sydney but maybe in a year or two.


Team Captain
Oct 2, 2018
AFL Club
I love fairy tale and drought breaking premierships they are sooo special love them regardless of the team.

In my lifetime i can think of some:

Geelong 2007
Bulldogs 2016
Could say brisbane lions (Fitzroy lions i guess) 2001
Sydney Swans 2005 or 2006 always get these 2 GF mixed up
Could say Hawthorn 2008
North Melbourne 1996
Even though its Richmond in their 2017 flag
And of course the mighty and most famous of all
Collingwood 1990
Could even say Collingwood 2010 too for that matter
Not too sure if ive covered them


Norm Smith Medallist
Nov 27, 2005
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Seattle Mariners
As good as Melbourne have been I worry about them peaking to early Adelaide in 17 and us in 18 peaked to early best team all year and didn’t have a flag to show for it.

Melbourne from memory have a tough run home playing a lot of the top 8 sides who will be playing for top 4 Top 8 spots.
I agree we have tougher run home. But at the same time we couldn't have done anymore in beating two absolute contenders in the Dogs and Brisbane, 2 weeks in row. We've clearly shown we can beat the best. The only test we haven't had yet is Port in Adelaide.

Whether we can maintain this outstanding football all the way to late September is another question, and a fair question.

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Club Legend
Aug 16, 2019
AFL Club
It's been evident for weeks to folk who watch the game in a nonpartisan fashion that the Cats and Dees are the top 2 sides. Things can change, but right now, that's the state of affairs.

Cats can't stay under the radar now, they look very good, have marked up significantly on 2020, Cameron (I refuse his Jezza moniker, there is only one Jezza) meshing nicely, some quicker ball movement now mixed in with the painstaking mode. I reckon they'll be a good match up for the mighty Dees later in the year, godwilling, teams at full strength.

Big Max looms as a differentiator.


Oct 22, 2017
By the Seaside
AFL Club
Tigers vs Geelong again. Geelong looking good. Big query IMO is can the Dees sustain their effort to the finish line. Bulldogs are neither here nor there as a threat along with Brisbane.

Final Siren

Mr Squiggle
Aug 18, 2009
AFL Club
Richmond are all set up to do a Hawthorn 2016 / Sydney 2017 and be the team that everyone talks up despite their mediocre record, until suddenly they drop a semi-final and it's all over.

This year is about Melbourne, Brisbane, Geelong, and the Dogs.

The latter are the hardest to pick, and the most likely to implode between now and September. Second most likely to blow up is Geelong, but I respect the fire of teams that lost GFs the year before, so forced to pick, I'll say Dees v Cats.


Brownlow Medallist
Feb 23, 2009
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New York Jets
IMO the two strongest sides are Demons and Lions, but that doesn't mean the draw will work out that they meet in the GF.

I think absolutely 1 of them makes it atleast, then for the opponent you could raffle off Dogs, Cats, Tigers.

So Demons/Lions vs Cats/Dogs/Tigers

Meteoric Rise

Club Legend
Feb 4, 2008
AFL Club
Richmond V Melbourne.

Richmond win its a nightmare for the rest.
Melbourne win its a fairytale ala Bulldogs 2016 and Richmond 2017.
Fixed that for you. 😁

Be careful what you wish for. If Melbourne start winning flags people throughout the industry will be getting posh boy Gil McLachlan style haircuts, the Dusty cut will be consigned. Do you really want that? 😳

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