The most underrated player at Richmond is...


Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 30, 2008
AFL Club
It's not Kane Lambert (although he is very close - extremely important player). It's Nick Vlastuin.

Seriously, this guy is an absolute jet. For pure consistency of performance, I'd have him in our top three.

Gets beaten in 1 on 1s about as much as Dylan Grimes does, plays 5cm above what he's listed at, and is an intercept king. Uses the ball very well by foot, rarely makes a mistake, and is cool as a cucumber in traffic. Gives his all each week and you would never question his effort.

What am I missing with this guy? Each week I watch the game and say to my mate - 'Vlastuin has been unbelievable today. Our best player'. Then I look at the bests or come on here and he doesn't get a mention.

Whenever I look up and see Vlastuin around a contest, I'm immediately put at ease. Moreseo than any other player on our list. I hope everyone out there sees it the same way, or will eventually, cause I'm telling you now this bloke isn't going to stop doing what he's doing for a while yet.

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Dr Tigris

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Aug 19, 2009
AFL Club
Vlas absolutely. KMac and BEllis in their own special ways - very special for Kamdyn.

People know Grimes is a King, and he's starting to get the recognition as a lighter version of Rance.

in some ways I'd say Cotch. He is such an important player to us, and often just flies under the radar. So much of what he does without the ball is amazing. He's rated as A grade. But I'd say he's even better than that in his importance to the team.


Brownlow Medallist
Oct 1, 2004
Melbourne, VIC
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Don't think Grimes & Lambert qualify any more as the rest of the footy world seems to have realised what we've known for a while now
Agree with Vlastuin, Houli or McIntosh calls as the next batch

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