The most underrated player at Richmond is...

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Oct 3, 2017
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The most underrated player ........

All the nominations for Vlaus LOL go to a game and the out pouring love and respect for him is huge hardly "underrated"

We expect Jack , Cotch , Dusty to perform and have never been underrated

Astbury , Rance , Edwards , Houli have copped plenty of flak from us over the years, many cries to have them traded or delisted
they improved and some where during 2017 all of them were being appreciated by us and the greater football world no underating there

Sydney Stack , Sir Stack to you , was he underrated in his first 2 or 3 weeks ? maybe , but that's a fleeting memory

Jack "hard as a cats head" Ross , he was in front of Sir Stack getting our love early in the season , no underrating there

Naish & Egg had tasters in the AFL , I think us and and the footy world has gone "nice" , no underrating there

CCJ had a taster , his body is still too light for the role he has to play at AFL , the general opinion seemed to be developing nicely

Baker was written off by many last year .... too short , too slow , doesnt take his chances
the club rated him internally , but he has had a break out season and "this kid can play" has been thrown around
he did get dropped but hey he's vying for a spot in the 2019 premiership side not the Gold Coast , he rated by enough

Balta - plenty of us see great things in Noah , hes not there yet but rated highly

Garthwaite - is still young , had an interrupted preseason and his body isn't ready for an AFL key defender aand was thrown in due to injuries
I think he is a mixed bag some rate his potential and others have written him off based on what they saw this year

Graham - is still young and relatively inexperienced !!! his stella start in 2017 had him overrated , thats pulled back and we have to find out where he sits
new rating pending

that leaves the usual suspects Kmac , Bellis , Butler , Short, Markov , Menadue , Soldo & Chol
does the strength of our list mean we underrate all those guys ?


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Apr 27, 2014
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I mainly started this thread to pump Vlas' tyres to be honest but has been interesting to see the other responses. Sometimes the answer depends on who is making the assessment - the media has always rated Bellis quite highly, but on here he's an absolute whipping boy. In reality he's a pretty solid best 22 player with some weaknesses, but also some very good strengths that often go untouched upon (gut running, usually sure by foot, great aerially). Even Dimma took a while to stop focusing on his weaknesses - maybe BF will come around one day.
Fair enough , but Brando also has admirers . The beauty of having differing opinions.


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Feb 4, 2008
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Still Grimes for me.
We are oh so very lucky to have him.

I'd also like to mention Cotchin. Gets overlooked a bit these days, but still A grade and my favourite player.


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Apr 2, 2006
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Agree that Vlas is the most underrated externally. Definitely not internally.

Internally (among the tigers fans), you really have to look at the whipping boys - KMac, Ellis, Short. It seems to fluctuate, but at the moment I'd say Short is the most underrated, just because of the negativity coming out of supporter's mouths vs how good he was last year.

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Oct 7, 2014
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George gets a few mentions here. I rate him. Physically he is like a miniature Olympic sprinter, very very powerful for his size. His defensive skills are oft unobserved, his goal kicking feats are either indescribable or awful. And for a little bloke he loves going for big leaps, and on occasions can pull them off. I reckon he has lots of upside with more and more experience upcoming.

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Feb 9, 2017
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As someone said, depends on the type of cohort doing the answering..................

Don't think Grimes has been underrated this season with Rance going down. Everywhere people are saying how good is this guy, hardly ever beaten. Before this season maybe.....

Think Vlossy is now in that realm where he is so damn dependable that it largely goes unnoticed by many, like Grimes of previous years.

Think Shai is announcing himself right now with every shimmy. Castagna is not underrated by the team or coach, but does seem to be here. He's following in Edwards footsteps. Edwards is widely respected and rated these days. Prestia is finally playing the sort of footy we were expecting and that is being well and truly noticed, but for while there was under the radar a bit. Short has been missed by many so I don't thing he's underrated, nor Houli, though perhaps we are mistaking some prejudice with the term underrated in that discussion. Rioli is not underrated, just not back in form - when he is, watch how quickly people will be talking all about him again. Bellis is both underrated and overrated, depends on the time year that we are talking about him. Think Broad is underrated, his deft touch knocking that ball forward against Port sums him up, but his upside is not the likes of Vlossy so he's still well behind him. Kmac a little underrated but his form doesn't warrant much more either yet, but he's coming perhaps.

Vlossy by the length of the Flemington straight I reckon!


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Aug 16, 2009
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Cant buy into that one imo most of us wanted him played in front of others and some wanted him played as a mid.
Well there's a first, including yourself in the 'most of us' category... Yes it was a little tongue in cheek, but there has been enough chatter to warrant a bit of I told you so.

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