Solved The Murder of Sarah Everard

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Dec 27, 2016
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Sarah Everard's murder triggered a global outpouring of rage. Wayne Cozens, the (now former) policeman who kidnapped, raped and killed Sarah has been handed a whole life sentence for crimes that have been described within the force as cowardly and shameful. The judge said his crimes were as serious as a terrorist atrocity because he abused his powers as a police officer to commit them.

Details of claims of indecent exposure have command scrambling to explain why he was not identified as a serious danger sooner and before he intercepted, arrested Sarah under false pretences, raped and killed her. An investigation into Couzens’s phone, which was seized after he was arrested for the attack on Everard, revealed he was part of a WhatsApp group involving police officers now under investigation over alleged misogynistic, racist and homophobic messages.

What happened to Sarah Everard?

Retracing Sarah Everard's last known movements is confronting, to say the least. Clusters of flowers mark the spots where CCTV vision and doorbell camera footage captured the marketing executive's last known steps.

The roads she walked along side, during what should have been a 50-minute trip to her Brixton home in south London, are wide and heaving with traffic. They are main roads, rather than side streets that may have provided her a faster route home.

For 15 minutes she spoke on the phone to her boyfriend. Clapham Common, which she passed through and where a bandstand has now become a memorial site for the 33-year-old, although not well lit, is surrounded by homes and busy streets.

During COVID-19 lockdowns, the community has been urged to stay off public transport and walk or ride instead.

Sarah was first reported missing on March 4 by her boyfriend, and for the days that followed, police surveyed footage, knocked on doors, spoke to more than 750 people and searched parklands and ponds for evidence.

At midnight on March 9, Metropolitan Police announced they had arrested a serving police officer at an address in Deal, Kent, in connection with Ms Everard's disappearance.

On March 10, her remains were found in a builder's bag in woodland near Ashford, 120km south-east of London.

On 17th September, 2021 schoolteacher Sabina Nessa was intercepted on a five minute walk to the pub, viciously attacked and murdered.



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Dec 11, 2019
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This man was caught twice exposing himself at a drive through Mc Donalds both less than 2 weeks and just 3 days before this horrific murder. 3 days before the murder the police had the car registration of the flasher and obviously did nothing. This terrible crime could have perhaps been prevented had they followed up, he wouldn't have been out hunting for a defenceless woman.

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