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Jul 4, 2006
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Astounded to see no mention of Ginger Baker's passing last month. Irritable and at times downright nasty, Baker was never shy with a strong opinion, e.g. John Bonham: "couldn't swing a sack of shit"; Keith Moon: "not really a great drummer"; Mitch Mitchell: "hopeless journeyman"; the Stones: "little kids trying to play blues and playing it very badly". Nevertheless Baker's work with Cream stands as a rock monument, however much he hated being referred to as a rock drummer.

Died in hospital at 80 after a series of medical ailments in recent years, the result of a life hard-lived.

Ginger Baker: the world of music pays tribute
Eric Clapton Announces Ginger Baker Tribute Concert

A celebrated documentary was released in 2012.

Idea inspired by a similar thread on another forum. If an artist of lesser stature than a Prince or a Michael Jackson passes on, perhaps it can be acknowledged here.


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Jan 7, 2018
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I watched The 2005 Royal Albert Hall Cream reunion dvd for the first time last night.

Pretty impressive performance from 3 guys over 60 who hardly played on stage with each other.

There wasn't much media attention about Bakers passing, I remember hearing more about Bruce when he died.

Not hard to figure out why once you watch the documentary, Great drummer but thats where the positives about him finish.

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