News The NEC Hangar - Stage 2 Expansion Plans

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Jul 7, 2014
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"to improve team performance across our high performance and data/analytics departments."

Given we don't actually have a data/analytics department they may look at creating one first - then - "improve team performance"

Just an absolute load of sh*t really.

Edit; NEC may try and push analytics assistance but we are backwards AF in this area and probably won't do it. Other clubs are investing in data analysis and we are saying we are when we are not (so lieing here).

People love to hear about us making money but here is an area we aren't spending it on to improve our clubs performance - but say we are to the supporters for the optics.

This sort of stuff is why these days i am often dubious about a club ive supported for decades now.

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Dec 14, 2015
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Some more discussion from the 2020 season launch email.

The second phase of the facility expansion that is currently underway and reinforces the Club’s investment into our football program – including improved AFL player facilities, and also new changerooms for both women’s and the VFL as well as a myriad of social, community and performance outcomes. The facility expansion will be completed in time for the Club’s 150th anniversary next year. And as you’ve heard me previously state, this will undoubtably deliver us with the best training and administration base across the country. And one that competes on a world stage in professional sport.

The expansion of the facility will have a direct impact in strengthening our men’s and women’s football programs as well as our Next Generation Academies for the long-term. It will also play a part in ensuring the club continues to play a significant role in the communities in which it operates as well as in our strategic partnership with Paralympics Australia.
Also some bits about Windy Hill Project:

With the new, we also honour the old. And in the heartland of Essendon on Napier Street, we have a vision for our traditional home of Windy Hill – a more open and inclusive precinct, encouraging of more elite grassroots sport and potentially even AFLW games at a point in time – as well as key VFL and VFLW games. A site that has a higher standard of facilities to what is there now and that pays respect to the heritage and history the ground and broader site have delivered for the Essendon Football Club.

This is the Windy Hill Project. We are, and have been, actively and patiently cooperating with the Moonee Valley City Council over the past 24 months. We need to be able to bring this project to life – it is big precinct with big potential and needs a strong and united partnership with us and the council, and so too, the AFL. We are committed to realising the potential for that precinct for the long-term and will actively pursue and progress these discussions throughout the year.

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Sep 22, 2011
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$21 mil upgrade apparently. $6.3m secured from state govt.

Unisex change rooms for female and local football, a community education hub, function centre, cafe, medical facilities, EFC museum and Hall of Fame.

Some fairly epic photoshop work. Baguley and Raz seem to love it.


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Nov 5, 2010
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Looks like the Hangar is finally going to host a premiership game – our VFLW season opener!

Like Waverley in its heydey, if the wind is up, expect 100 points scored at one end of the ground versus 1 rushed behind at the other.

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